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   Chapter 16 The S Word

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 11200

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I'm nervous, very nervous. Actually, I'm more nervous now than I was when I went to Bernard's party with Grecia. Even though we are just going to exchange books, it might not even be eventful, we might bump into each other, say, "Here's the book, enjoy." And then just walk away and not speak to each other again until we finish and say, "Here you go." And then we might come back to being strangers who had a class together ages ago. That's exactly what makes me so nervous. I don't want us to act like nothing happened, even though nothing did happen, I don't want to stop talking to her and let that be the end of it. Hell no. It took me four whole years to finally speak to her, I am not going to just let it die, so soon anyway.

We are back at the library, apparently, we need two days for us to finish researching a mathematician for a one page essay. It's the final class, and I haven't seen Grecia around throughout the whole day, or. . . I have, and I have been sort of, kind of, avoiding her. It's just this damn nervousness that I have inherited from my uncle. He is forty years old and has not had a girlfriend, because he is so shy. Out of all the men in the Bush family, I had to get those stupid genes. Now that I see her, I start to sweat and I just walk the other way like a total idiot.

"Hey, let me see your paper?" asks George from beside me, who has decided to attend class after all.

"Here, " I hand him one of my first drafts. George grabs it and sets it under his notebook, he is obviously going to copy it, but I just don't care anymore. "Hey, what did you do yesterday?"

George turns to another page and starts drawing. "Nothing, went to McDonald's."

"You ditched class so you could go to MacDonald's? You can go to MacDonald's any other day, " I reply. I honestly don't see a point to ditch classes, unless is something that happens once in a lifetime, like Robert Downey Jr is at Wal-Mart or something, ditching is plain pointless.

"Yeah, well, not with Sarai. Her parents are like super strict, they don't let her go anywhere, and less with me, " George whispers as he sees Mr. Winkle from across the table looking our way.

"I thought they would like you now that you look normal."

He snorts. "As if. Her mother is such a tight ass."

"I don't think Sarai would appreciate you speaking of her mom like that."

"Well, it's true." He puts his led pencil down and edges towards me. "Guess what we are doing tomorrow."

"Are you going to Denny's?"

"No, smartass. She's going to spend the night at my house, " he says clearly happy.

"She is? What about her tight ass mother?"

He looks at me like I'm an idiot. "She doesn't know she's staying at my house. We have it all figured out. She told her mom that she would be staying at her friend's. Perla will go along with it, just in case she decides to call. My mom will be out, so I have the house all for myself. Neat, huh?"

"So. . ." I want to ask him the obvious question, but I can't bring myself to say it, it's not something I discuss freely. "So, are you going to watch movies or what?"

"Movies?" he says in disbelief. "Why would I watch movies when I'm going to be all alone with Sarai, my girlfriend?"

"I don't know, because that's what couples do?"

He bursts out laughing as if I just said the funniest joke in the world. Mr. W

k. "It sounds interesting. What about you?"

Grecia hands her my book and Mr. Winkle reads the back of it too. "This is a good book. Good taste Grecia, " he comments.

"It's actually David's. And that book is mine, we are exchanging them." she explains. I don't know how she does it to act so cool. Maybe because she is not the one who is practically ditching a class right under Mr. Winkle's nose.

"Ah, well that can be fun." He smiles and winks at us and starts towards the librarian's office.

Neither of us speaks until we see Mr. Winkle disappear behind the door.

"I'm sorry, " I hear her say. "I should've told him that I called you over."

I turn to see her surprised by her reaction. "What? That wasn't going to be necessary. He didn't seem to mind."

She looks like she's worried. "But, what if he's writing you up right now for insubordination? I am going to go and tell him that it was all my fault and that―"

But I hold her arm before she even reaches the door. "But it isn't your fault. I was the one who walked towards you. And I seriously doubt he's writing me up, I'm his favorite student."

She smiles making my attempt to cheer her up a success. "You are?"

"Yeah. I'm the smartest one in class."

She laughs. "Oh, okay."

"Listen, " I start as I see that is almost time to go. "I hope you enjoy the book."

She nods as she takes a look at the cover. "I think I will. I hope you don't get bored with mine. Did I mention it was super cheesy?"

"You didn't, but I don't mind cheese."

"You know what we should do?" she says excitedly as the idea had just come to her.


"We should read the first few chapters, I don't know, the first three, and message each other on Facebook to see how we like them. What do you say?"

Her eyes are so bright, that is almost contagious. "Sure. That's sounds good."

"Okay. I have to get back to class. It's my turn to put the chairs on the tables." She places my book in her small backpack. "See you later."

"Yeah, talk to you later."

She gives out a small laugh. "Right, talk to you later."

I don't want to sound conceited but I think she came into the library just to give me the book. Or maybe not, but I really wish she did.

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