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   Chapter 15 The Thing About Megan

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 8320

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After I dropped Lenny off, he insisted that I go inside and he would show me, "something so awesome that I would die". I'm not sure what kind of thing would want me to die but whatever it is, I sure hope it's worth it. All I want to do is get home, pack The Hobbit and lie on my bed trying to come up with another subject to converse with Grecia.

I park the car in front of his house, which is one street away from my house. The front lawn messy with his little brother's Tonka trucks and Action Man figures. We walk directly through the door, and without any preamble, to his room. I didn't see his mom, so I assume she's working late at the Real State thing. We come to his room and Lenny attempts to shut the door, but the Saint Bernard comes rushing inside almost knocking him over. She is panting with her tongue sticking out slobbering all over his bed.

Lenny lets out a frustrated snarl. "Damn it Megan! Get your stupid dog!" He turns to the dog who is looking at him, like saying, "You want me out, make me". "Get off Nancy! Get off!" He tries pushing her off but she's just too heavy. Nancy looks at him mockingly. "Megan!"

"What?" Megan appears in the door way angrily. "Oh, hi David."

"Get your fucking dog out of my room! How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want her in my room!"

"Come here Nancy." But Nancy doesn't even seem to have noticed her. "Come Nancy, " she says in a squeaky voice people use for babies. "Come on, come on."

For like five minutes we wait for her to move but she just doesn't seem to care that she's taking up the whole bed.

"She really likes Lenny's room for some reason, " Megan explains to me.

I nod.

"I don't know why she would but she does."

"Really?" I say being polite.

Megan takes this as an invitation and walks inside and sits beside her dog, who doesn't even greet her. Lenny snorts flustered. "Yeah, if it wasn't for he shuts the door every night, she would sleep in here."

"Megan, what are you doing?" Lenny lastly speaks.

"What do you mean?"

"What the hell are you doing in my room? Get your stinking dog and get out."

Megan stands angrily. "Geez Lenny, stop being such a little bitch. It's not like you're doing anything important."

Lenny looks at her, and it seems like he will not reply and will give up. But surprises us all, including the dog, by grabbing her by the arm harshly, Nancy stands rapidly in her defense but doesn't seem to know what to do, and Lenny pushes Megan ou

e the time of day. If only he could see that here's a girl who loves him for who he is. He's cute and timid, with an amazing smile and the biggest heart I have ever seen.

So far, she hadn't said it's me, so I'm relaxed.

He has gorgeous brown eyes and his wavy hair is adorable. He hangs out with my brother, even though he is nothing like him. He is so nice to me, that I just want to die.

Okay, so it can be George.

His name starts with the letter D, for delicate and amazing. And it ends with the letter D, for dedicated and responsible. If only he could see me as something else than a friend. Plus, he is the hottest guy I've ever seen. Oh, Davy, open your eyes and see this poor girl who likes you more than anybody.

"Oh crap, " is all I manage to say.

Lenny starts laughing hysterically. "Right? It's so pathetic. She's had this crazy crush on you for years now." He keeps laughing.

"I didn't know she was my friend."

Lenny just laughs loudly. Poor Megan, I'm gonna have to avoid her more than I already do. I don't know if to be flattered, since it's the first time in my whole life that a girl actually likes me, or creeped out. She's fifteen! She's talking like her life depended on me. Me, something highly unheard of. But, I guess I understand her. I've been in love with Grecia ever since I can remember, but really? Write it on Facebook for everyone to see is straight out crazy, she practically said my name and who I hang out with. God, I hope Grecia is not friends with her (though something tells me that they're not), because if she comes to see this, I don't know, she might think I'm into younger girls or something.

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