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   Chapter 14 I Am Literally Walking On Sunshine

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 11412

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By two thirty, half an hour for school to end, I'm at the library with my Calculus class. We're supposed to do some research on famous mathematicians and write a page long biography. I really don't see why we are looking up history when we are in math class, maybe Mr. Winkle got bored staying in his classroom the whole day so he wanted a change, whatever it is, I'm bored out of my mind. George is ditching class so he could hang out with Sarai, who is also ditching, they left to Macdonald's or something. I don't know if that's a good way to start a relationship but who am I to talk.

I'm at the furthest table in the library, close to the cases full of books. I am so tempted to get up and just look through the books, but Mr. Winkle is sitting on my table grading papers. Yes, I am the type that the teachers sit with because one: I'm a "good" student, and two: no one wants to sit with me, only George. So Mr. Winkle took the place where George would be at if he wasn't rebelling against the school system. I finished my report thirty minutes after we arrived. The rest of the class is taking too long on the computers on purpose turning each other's screens upside down. I look around the empty library with the librarian looking at her computer's screen. I look down at my paper, my homework is done and I've been doodling. I drew a Mr. Winkle with an inflated head, and the librarian with very big hips. But my imagination doesn't go too far, so now I'm looking for something to do.

The door squeaks loudly, which tells you that someone is coming in. I look up but I immediately look down. Grecia just walked in with her pretty smile, saying hi to everyone which brings a stupid grin to my face. She's so friendly, that she says hi to everyone, even if they're not her friends. I grab my notebook and start doodling. And I know it's kind of creepy drawing someone without them noticing, but I am so bored, that the only highlight of this class is that I get to see her, so I have to get that on paper.

Luckily, Mr. Winkle stands from the table and starts walking towards the offices behind the librarian's desk, which means I can get up and say hi to Grecia. He's taking his slow paced steps which makes me want to fall asleep. He sees Grecia and smiles.

"Hi Mr. Winkle, " she greets with genuine glee. "How are you?"

Mr. Winkle wraps an arm around her, one of those hugs that uncles give you because they don't really know you but they love you anyway. Let me explain first, why he does this and with who. Mr. Winkle is a seventy eight year old man, and he is cute, the only type of cuteness an old man can get. He's thin and short, his balding head gives out like a grandpa scent and his shaky arms are the type that would make you realize just how nice life can be. I know, I sound like a chick, but it's true, even guys realize this in Mr. Winkle, though we don't like to admit it. Girls, on the other hand, are so in love with him, here's why. No matter his age, he is a nice guy, some girls would even go as far as to say that he is a gentleman. When there's something to volunteer for, say to pick up papers from the office, a whole bunch of people raise their hand because it's an excuse to get out of math class, and guess who he picks to go? Always the first girl that raises her hand. He doesn't even consider the guys. Some may say he's a sexist who likes girls better, but that can't be

The Hobbit?

"Yeah, by J.R.R Tolkien. The author of the Lord of the Rings series?" She has to at least have heard of these books.

"Oh right. Help me find it, I'll check it out right now, " she says and starts looking around for the T section.

"I have the book, well, I own it, I'll bring it to you tomorrow."

She smiles. "And I own The Notebook. So we have a deal?"


Bing. . . Bing. . . Bing!

The bell rings. I look back and everyone was already packed up and lined up by the door.

"I have to check this book out, " Grecia says and starts towards the front desk. I simply stare after her. Did we seriously have a conversation on books? I can't even bring up the word book at home, everyone tries to change the subject.

I go up to the table where my stuff was at, and found Mr. Winkle also packing everything up in his suitcase.

"You got your work done, I hope, since you were talking to that pretty girl." Mr. Winkle says without looking at me.

"I did, even the homework assignments, " I reply rapidly.

He looks up. "Good boy." He turns towards the front desk and then back at me, and back at his suitcase.

I meet Grecia at the door, Grecia greets me gladly. "Have a good day, Mr. Winkle."

Mr. Winkle waves his hand. "Be good now." And he walks ahead of us.

We walk into the hectic crowd rushing towards the gates, wanting to get out of their everyday prison. We walk quietly side by side, when she asks, "Are you really going to read the book? If I bring it tomorrow?"

"Yeah, are you?"

She smiles and looks down. "Yeah."

When we are walking out the gates, I get brave and ask, "You want a ride?" Without even remembering that Lenny and maybe George are waiting for me at my car.

She shakes her head. "No thank you. I'm just going to ride the bus."

"You sure? It'll be faster than a bus."

"Yeah, I'm sure. I don't want my bus buddy to miss me, we have this whole routine we have to go through every day, it's tradition now."

I laugh. She laughs. Without noticing, I walked her to her bus.

"Don't forget the book, " she says before getting on.

"I won't." I will put it in my backpack the minute I get home.

And she's gone. And I'm left walking alone towards my car, with a very warm feeling inside.

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