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   Chapter 13 The Long Time Dilemma

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 6144

Updated: 2018-01-12 11:51

When you're in High school, I've come to realize, having a girlfriend is literally impossible. In High school, you are too exposed, everyone is looking at you expecting some kind of show. At least, that's how it is with George and Sarai. Sarai is back from Mexico and George was extremely excited. When I got home, George had left me all kinds of messages on Facebook. "I actually had fun tonight, and at church, can you believe that?" read the first one. "Dude, I think I'm in love" read the other one. Then there's this one, "Where are you? It's midnight already." I guess that by ten, the whole thing at church ended. This morning, when he came over, it was like he was a total different guy. To his gage-free ears (or more like not noticeable gages) and his new haircut, add no more dark clothing to the equation. He was wearing jeans, he never wore jeans just black pants and his shirt was blue. He always wore grey or black.

When we arrived at school, he hung out with us for the first ten minutes, since Sarai's dad always dropped her off, he decided to wait for her just outside the gate when the bell rang. At lunch, it was like they didn't know what to do. It's like there is always a big dilemma with couples when lunch comes around. It was either he would hang out with her friends and be the type of guy who holds the girlfriend's backpack as she is in her own world with her friends, or she would come hang out with us and sit quietly, or quieter, as us guys are talking about nothing. Or the last option, they could both ditch their friends and just hang around with each other and walk around or make out under a tree. About eighty percent of the couples in school go with the third option, including George.

I have to admit, it was weird not having him around. Lenny didn't seem to mind, I think I was the only one that

at me but when we lock eyes, I wave back. It's more like I raised my hand and did something with my fingers like I've seen Carlos do when he sees his friends, like a gangster "hey". She smiles, turns and walks out.

"Congratulations! You managed not to embarrass yourself this time, " I hear George tell me from where he's sitting.

"Hey! Mind your own business stranger!" I scream back.

George stands from his table and as he waits for Sarai to stand he says, "You still have to tell me how it all went."

"They made out in the coat room, " responds Lenny.

"Nice, " replies George.

"Shut up Lenny. Lenny was making out in the coat room."

"With who?"

"Audrey, " I reply loudly like the cafeteria isn't full with nosy people listening to every word we are saying.

"Nah, " George waves off like it's no big deal. "What happened with Brianna?"

"She ditched him—"

"No! I ditched her so I could make out with Audrey in the coat room."

George chuckles. "Good choice."

"I know."

George chuckles at what Sarai whispered in his ear and lifts his hand in good bye. She probably said, "You know the whole school can hear you right?" or something like that. But why should we care? We don't.


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