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   Chapter 11 There's No Party Like Bernard's Party

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Okay, I don't like parties. I just don't like how loud and noisy they are. How crazy and stupid everyone acts. Plus, I don't dance. But this party was different. Well, the same as every party, but this time I was with Grecia the whole night. At first I thought she was going to leave me so she could hang out with her friends, and I was going to stand awkwardly against the wall. But she didn't. She saw her friends, all of them, except for Sarai of course, and she said hi, and they complimented each other's costumes, it was just a big judging contest. Her friends asked if she wanted to dance with them, she said no. She turned to me and we walked away.

"You can go if you want, I won't mind, " I told her as we approached the food table.

"It's okay. I came with you, not with them."

This girl is perfect.

Lenny found another girl to dance with later on, we found him making out with her in the jacket room. Grecia forgot her chopstick in her purse and she wanted to retrieve it, so I went with her. She turned on the light, and right there on top of people's capes, and jackets, they were making out, almost doing more. Grecia looked very uncomfortable, so I went in and very quietly, without disturbing them, got Grecia's purse from the floor under the bed, I guess they pushed it there, and just as quietly, turned off the light and shut the door. I'm surprised turning the light on didn't interrupt them. When we got back to the party, we burst out laughing.

So, for the first hour, we walked around and talked about the decorations that were around, they were good. I'm sure Bernard's little sister made them all. We bumped into friends, and we would talk and then keep on going. When Bernard saw me with Grecia, he seemed as surprised as her friends. Then he winked at me and gave me a thumbs up. When this song came up, everyone in the party screamed in excitement, I didn't know why. Including Grecia.

"Let's go dance!" she said excitedly.

"I can't really dance."

"But it's the Cupid Shuffle!" she replied. I guess my cluelessness about the song was too obvious because she pulled me into the crowd, which were already lined up uniformly. Amazing how people can unite for a song. And they did as the man in the song said. But I couldn't even understand it. So, Grecia signaled me to watch her, and I did. She took three steps to the right, then to the left. She made like little kicks, like she was stepping on mushrooms, and made a half turn as she moved her hips. I have to be honest here, I mainly stared at her legs and her hips. But it seemed easy enough. She then pulled me in beside her, and I tried to copy her moves. Every time I messed up, I hoped she wouldn't see it, but when she did, she laughed. She didn't laugh at me, though. She was actually having fun with me. And once I got the hang of it, I could just enjoy myself. We were all doing the same steps and the steps weren't even that hard, so I had to get the hang of it.

When the song ended, most of the crowd stepped aside and continued to whatever they were doing. Grecia and I were thirsty so we went to grab a soda. I was grinning the whole time.

"I thought you said you couldn't dance?" she said.

"I can't. You couldn't tell?"

She laughs. Then, Megan came in her slutty cop costume. "Hey, " she said, "I saw you dancing!"

I nod. "Yeah."

Megan laughs, "Oh, so is this the girl you wanted to talk to?" she asked. I could feel my face turning red. Megan looked so smug after she said it too, I think she deliberately said that to humiliate me.

"Umm, no Megan." I turn to look at Grecia, she was looking at the pumpkin paper on the table. But I'm sure she heard her.

"I like your costume, David, " said Megan.


She stood there looking at me, then at Grecia, then back at me. It got very uncomfortable.

Grecia then turned. "I heard that the backyard's decorations are really good, want to go see?"

I nodded, "Sure." And we were out there in one second, leaving Megan inside.

So, that's how we ended up outside. The decorations are actually good. It's the backyard transformed into a cemetery. There was even fog surrounding the crypts. We are just walking around slowly, as if we are in a haunted house and we are expecting to be frightened at any moment. The night has been fun, and with every minute I hang out with Grecia, I find myself pinching myself. I now know that the crush I had on Grecia, was with reason, and not senseless like Bernard said several times. I was fearing, though, that I would find myself disappointed with Grecia. But it turns out, she is exactly the way I imagined she would be.

"Do you know that girl?" I hear Grecia ask.

"Yeah, she's Lenny's sister."

She then nods like whatever she was thinking was proven right. "I think she has a crush on you."

"Megan? No, she's just. . . she's desperate for attention, " I reply as nicely as I can.

"She's desperate for your attention. Couldn't you tell?"

I don't reply. That makes sense though. That's why she only talks to me and completely ignores George. Or, that's why she helped me carry her dog's food. I thought she was just being nice. I wonder if Lenny knows. Grecia then sits on the floor with her legs crossed in front of her. I do

t I see Grecia standing beside her, she put a black jacket on so she blended right in with the night.

"David, you are an idiot, " Brianna says because I embarrassed her. "Anyway, Grecia was just telling me she had a great time. And with you!"

Great, just what I needed. Brianna acting like she's my mother, trying to be friendly and nosy at the same time.

I shrug. "I had a good time too."

"Awe. . ." she starts saying and I am already flinching at what might come next, but then she screams, "Jenny!" Out of nowhere. "Wait right there, don't move!" she commands loudly. I turn to see who the hell she is talking to and it's her fat friend. "I'll be right back, " she tells us but I really could care less. She jogs back into Bernard's front yard to her fat friend dressed as King Kong. Or maybe she's a cat.

"So, " I start but I don't know how to start after Brianna made it all weird and awkward. "You have a sister?" Is the best I can come up with.

We start walking slowly side by side and I don't feel as nervous as before strangely enough. "Yeah, Iram, she's six years old and a ball of energy."


"Yeah, like Iran but with an M."

"Your parents really like country's names."

I hear her laugh. "Yeah well, they were the hippies from the eighties, which are the craziest of the bunch, if you had to compare them with other hippies." We walk silently for a few minutes when she asks, "How about you? Any other brothers or sisters?"

I shake my head even though she can't really see it. "Nope, just Bree."

The streets aren't as empty as they should be. There are still some people in their costumes just goofing around, drinking and stuff. When I suddenly realize that I should apologize if I want to be at least her friend. Not that I did anything wrong, that I know of, but Bernard really made her uncomfortable. I guess I want to let her know that I am not like him at all. That, I don't know, she can trust me, or that she can feel, you know, okay with me.

"Look, umm. . ." I suddenly feel stupid. I have no idea what I even want to say. "Erm, I'm sorry for how Bernard was acting, he was just being a drunken idiot."

"Oh you don't have to apologize. I know he isn't really like that, it was just the beer talking, or at least I hope it was." I hear her chuckle lowly.

"What?" I ask curiously.

"Nothing, it's just that I tried so hard to not be dressed in a "slutty" costume. I guess my mom was right, showing off a shoulder is sexier than I thought."

You bet it is, especially since it's your shoulder.

"I guess you are more "sexy" so to speak, than the ones dressed in a slutty costume, " I reply but I immediately regret it. What if she takes it the wrong way? Any time now I will feel her hand slapping me across my face, and that will be the closest I will get to hold her hand.

"I guess so, " she laughs surprising me.

Grecia, I realize, is not easily offend like Brianna is. She's pretty, and not the type where you take a look and you say, "Oh she's pretty, " and look away. She's the type that you just want to keep looking at for as long as you lived. And she's doesn't have the forced beauty where stuff is put all over her face all the time like Brianna, but the natural kind. And she is fun and entertaining. Not "ha-ha" fun, but the kind where you actually enjoy yourself. In other words Grecia Alcantar is perfect. Not that I didn't know before, I actually thought she was perfect, but now I am one hundred percent sure that she is.

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