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   Chapter 10 Either The Best Night Of My Life Or The Worst

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 5634

Updated: 2018-01-12 11:49

I figured out my costume. It's a red and white striped long sleeved shirt, black pants, a striped beany and thick framed glasses. If you haven't figured out what it is, then look for him in a children's book. He is the main character, actually, you have to look for him.

Brianna and I arrived together. Brianna didn't want to be seen entering with Lenny so she went with me and got inside before Lenny could arrive. I waited for Grecia, in fact, I am still waiting. When twenty minutes passed, I started to think that she wouldn't even show up. But, I am patient, so here I am sitting at the steps of the door, anyone who sees me right now, would think that I was kicked out of the party, and that I was waiting like a dog who desperately wants to run inside as soon as the door opens. But I find that I don't care. I am actually worried for Grecia. If she doesn't show up then it might be that something happened to her. Or, maybe she just decided to not come and forgot to tell me. I refuse that the second option is even possible. She did look like she was excited to come with me, or maybe I imagined that part?

"Hey! Where's Brianna?" Lenny arrives in a khaki rain coat with black pants and a spiffy black hat, he is a spy, Get Smart kind of spy.

"She's already inside, why are you so late?"

"I had to wait for Megan to get ready, I had to walk with her."

I look behind him but Megan isn't even near him. "Where's Megan?"

He waves off, "She was walking too slow, so I just left her." He sits next to me then asks, "So, where's Grecia?"

I shrug, "Don't know."

"So she ditched you."

"No, she just hasn't arrived."

He lays his hand on my shoulder, "I'm sorry

uch?" she says as she runs her hands down her sides.

"No." I pull her close with one swift motion, "It's perfect, " I reply as I run my hand down her waist. Grecia shivers at my touch.

"David? Are you alright?"

I snap back to reality. What was I thinking? Stupid romance novels my mom owns. I was bored yesterday and felt like reading something out of my usual so I found a Romance novel, where a shirtless long haired man is holding on a redhead with a big dress in his arms, in the cover. So I was curious as to why girls like those novels. Now, I know. They are cheesy, and not that it's bad, very erotic.


I snap back again, I better not screw our first date up. "You look great. Keeping up with your name."

She laughs. "I know, it's silly isn't it? So, shall we come inside?" I nod. We walk towards the door, but then she holds my arm tightly. My heart skips a beat. "By the way, " she says as I turn to see her, "I really like your costume, Waldo."

"Oh, thanks, " I say as I try to hide my sweaty forehead by pulling the beany down. She doesn't let go of my arm as we make our way inside.

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