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   Chapter 9 George, Is that You

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 5759

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It's Friday (doesn't it seem like the week flew by?) and, I am in complete freak out mode. Have I thought of a costume? No. Do I have any idea where Bernard lives? No. Am I sweating through my shirt as I walk to my last class? I wish I can say no. My last class is Calculus (what a way to end the day). George meets me at the doorway and we go inside together. This morning, I noticed he got his gages off. His Gages. His I-don't-care-what-you-think gages are gone. All that is left is the bare earlobe. I didn't want to say anything, especially because it doesn't seem like he misses those things. But this is too much. I sit beside him as Mr. Winkle (I laugh every time I hear his name) starts taking role. Has George been brain washed or something? I first thought it was Sarai who was making him do these drastic changes but George is not easy to manhandle, I know. Mr. Winkle finishes, because there are only ten of us, and writes the assignments on the board. After this, he sits at his desk and starts drawing on his composition notebook. Mr. Winkle is so old, we can do whatever we want. By whatever, I mainly mean talk. So I grab my text book and George is doing the same.

"So, " I try to sound as nonchalant as I can, "You got those gages off."

"I didn't get them off. I replaced them with skin colored ones."

No way. I get closer and there it is. If he were to take those off, would it just be a big hole? Could you stick a finger in there? But I don't ask him. There are more important things at hand.

"How come you changed them? I can't even tell you have them in there."

George doesn't look up. "I guess that is kind of like the point."

"Why are you doing this, George?" I say tired of beating ar

orth a whole change of a person."

He smiles. "Sarai is. She is like the best girl I'll ever meet, I know it. She makes me want to change. Do you think she just flat out said that she had a problem with how I looked?"


He shakes his head, "She doesn't care how I look like. That's why when I asked her out last week, she said yes."

"You've been going out all along?" I ask stupidly.

"Yeah. Remember when we went to Big Lots and you couldn't lift the bag of dog food by yourself?"


"I called her that night and luckily she answered and I asked her out. She said yes right away."

Well, you lucky bastard. "How come you haven't been hanging out with her all this week?"

He stares at me like I am stupid. "She hasn't been here. She's in Mexico visiting family. She's coming back tomorrow."

"Oh. Is that why you were so quiet on Monday?" He nods. "So, you want to surprise her with your new look or what?"

"Yeah, and I'm gonna meet her parents at church. I want them to like me, it doesn't matter if they are super religious."

"Oh." I suddenly feel like an idiot. "So, what you get for number twenty?"

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