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   Chapter 8 My Dad, Mr. Distant

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I am at the kitchen eating a stale waffle when Brianna arrives. She looks different. Maybe it's her hair. Wasn't she blonde, blonder?

Brianna smiles, "Do you notice anything different?" she asks as she flips her hair to the side. Now I know it's definitely her hair.

"Not really."

Brianna drops the smile. "You are welcome by the way."

I toss the rest of my waffle in the trash. "For what?"

She gives me an Isn't-it-obvious look. "Thanks to me you have a date for this Saturday."

"Oh, I thought it was you paying me back."

"What are you talking about?"

I grab my backpack and check if I have my school ID. Yep, it's in there. "Didn't you owe me one for going to the party so you can wear your slutty costume?"

Brianna sits on a chair with a twinky in her hand. "Yeah, but this is like bigger than this. And you haven't thanked me because Grecia talked to you."

"Fine. Thanks for paying me back. We are even."

Brianna is about to protest when I hear a knock on the door. It's George and Lenny ready to go to school. "I better go, " she says with a mouthful of twinky. "I don't want to deal with Lenny." She goes to her room.

I open the door and see Lenny, in his thick gangster jacket and George, who somehow looks different.

"Mom! I am leaving!" I call out and I am about to walk out along with Lenny and George but I hear mom yell for me to wait.

"Wait! You are not going to leave without giving me a good bye kiss." She walks up to me, kisses my forehead. "Hi guys. How are you?"

"Good Mrs. Bush and yourself?" replies Lenny.

"Good thank you. Did you get a haircut George?"

That's what's different. The long chunk of hair that used to lie on his forehead is no longer there. Instead, he's hair is just short.

"Yes I did."

I turn to look at Lenny who shrugs, and I ask him, "Why the sudden change?"

George half smiles (which is his full smile), "I don't know. Just felt like it, I guess."

"I think it looks good. It's a girl isn't it?" my mom asks as she winks.

George smiles shyly, "No. Just for me."

But I know he changed his hair for a girl, and I think that girl's name is Sarai.

After a long day, mainly because Grecia wasn't at school today, so school was just school. I have no homework which is a miracle because I almost al

I don't know what all this is about, is he going to have the talk with me? If he is, he is a few years late because I got that talk from mom. Let me just say it was awkward. Very awkward.

"Brianna mentioned you had a date for the party."

Stupid Brianna and her daddy issues, does she want to tell him about the time I tripped at school too?

"It's hardly a date. She is just a girl I know."

Dad nods like he understands me. I know Brianna told him about Grecia too, but dad is being respectful by not mentioning it. It seems like our conversation has gone as far as it can. My dad stands and grabs the Rubik's cube from my bed (I don't want to brag, but I can complete it in two minutes). He studies it. He puts it down, holds a book in his hand (a Stephen King book, I haven't had time to read), studies that. How long till he discovers that this is weird?

"Have you found a costume?" he lastly asks.

"Umm, no."

He stands next to me and studies my laptop's screen. "If you don't want to look ridiculous for a whole night, you can always pick a simple costume that everyone can recognize."

"Like what?"

He shrugs, "I don't know, a lawyer, a doctor, even Superman in his civilian clothes. I forgot his name."

I nod. "Clark Kent. That sounds good. I'll think about it, thanks dad."

Satisfied with this conversation, dad stands and approaches the door, "This girl you are going on this date with, is she a nice girl?"

I blink, what does he mean by that? "Yeah, I guess."

Henods and leaves the room.

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