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   Chapter 7 To Ask Her Out Now Or To Forever Hold My Stupid Tongue

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 10400

Updated: 2018-01-12 11:48

After a dreadful day at school, I finally get home. The thought of having homework for every single class, makes me want to kill myself. When I walk in, I see the kitchen table set up for like a play date. Instead of toys though, there were notebooks, but the bowl of popcorn in the middle seems familiar. I see mom is humming happily as she is making two sandwiches. She has two bottles of coke on the counter and one big plate with pizza rolls is in the microwave.

Oh. No. Please don't let the old man be here. I turn and inspect the living room. Is he hiding somewhere?

Mom turns as she hears me shuffling around the kitchen and smiles, "Hey! Your sister is going to have a friend over."

"Oh. Okay." I go to my room. I really don't want to see any of her friends. They are big snobs. Especially the fat cheerleader who thinks she is so hot because she can do the splits. Everyone has seen how difficult it is for her to do the splits, she nearly cried at the last assembly. I start to take my notebooks out. Might as well get over it.

PING! I take my phone out from my pocket and it's Lenny texting me.

Lenny: How's home?


Me: Good, I guess.

Lenny: I bet it's good


Me: What are you talking about?

Lenny: Is your sister home?

Me: She isn't she has practice. Don't go to the football field, I am warning you.

Lenny: Relax, cheerleading was cancelled remember?

I shake my head as if he can see me. I never listen to the morning announcements.

Me: Then I don't know where she is. Do you?

Lenny: I think I do

Me: Don't tell me she's at your house because I won't believe you.

Lenny: I wish, well tell me how it goes and I want to hear every single detail

Me: What are you talking about?

Lenny: I heard your sister say something and I think you will quite like it

Me: What did she say?

Lenny: she's having a friend over

Me: I know she is, so what?

Lenny: you might want to clean your bed, know what I mean

I can almost see him winking. I roll my eyes. Is there anything else he thinks about? I am about to type to not get any ideas, but some weird noises coming from the hall gets my attention. I open the door slightly so I can hear exactly what is going on. I hear mom gushing about someone's clothes. I close the door. It's probably Brianna who came with her fat friend. I turn to my laptop and log into my Minecraft account. Actually, I have to get started on my homework, I shut my laptop hesitantly and I am back on the floor, trying to figure out what to start with. AP English? Calculus? AP Biology? Nothing seems to catch my eye.

I'm suddenly very thirsty. But I can endure it. I just know that once Brianna and her friend hear me approaching, they will stop talking. They will keep quiet for as long as I am there and once they see that I am walking away, they will start giggling like little school girls. It's always the same thing. But what the hell, this is my house, why should I hide?

So, I walk out my room, halt at the hall. I hear slight murmuring; I guess they are really doing homework. But if they stop talki

st wondering. . ." I pause. Forget it, she might already have a date for that. But I am already half way through the question. I can't just leave it at that. "I was wondering if you are going." What is wrong with you? Spit it out!

She smiles broadly, "I am. I love costume parties."

"Oh me too, " I lie. "So are you going with anybody?" There you go, I am doing very well here, who would have thought?

"Not really."

Alright, let's take that leap. "Would you like to go, you know, with me?"

She smiles, but I am not sure if it's an I–don't-want-to-hurt-your-feelings smile or just a happy smile. I am ready for the worst, I should be, I have imagined it so many times.

"I'll love to."

My eyes open an extra inch that I think they might fall out. "Alright. Well. Umm, should I pick you up or. . . or what?"

She brings the end of her pen up to her lips. I am so incredibly mesmerized by this. "You know what? I live just down the street from Bernard. Why don't we meet there instead?"

Okay, I was half expecting this. She doesn't want to be seen with me, that's alright, actually is not as bad as I thought. It saves me from the uncomfortable attempts to make a conversation and the awkward silences we would have on the way. "Sure. I'm cool with that."

As if on cue, Brianna appears in the kitchen. "Wow, that was the longest pee I have ever done."

"Alright then, I guess I should let you finish with your work. I'll see you, " I say coolly. It gets easier once you get it started.

"Yeah, bye David, " Grecia says. I have to pause before walking out. I have to make sure if I didn't dream this, or that it didn't just happen in my head. Satisfied, I walk back to my room.

Incredible. Just incredible. I have a date with Grecia Alcantar. The girl who I never got the guts to talk to. Now that I think about it, it wasn't really that hard. She was cool, at least she didn't let out a frustrated snarl and roll her eyes at me. And I know she would never do that, to anyone. I have to think of a costume, a good costume for this Saturday.


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