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   Chapter 4 Progress, But Not Really

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"My mom wants me to buy dog food for stupid Beethoven, " explains Lenny as he and his fifteen year old sister stepped out their mother's truck. Beethoven is his sister's Saint Bernard, and his name isn't even Beethoven, it's Lucy or Sissy, any of those girly names. Lenny hates that dog, mainly because he is the one who has to pick after her.

"Hi David, " Megan greets me, completely ignoring George, as we enter the store.

"Hi Megan."

"Oh, yeah, and I had to bring her along because she wanted to come for some reason, " Lenny says as he shoves her to the side. Megan complains but Lenny pretends not to hear her.

Megan, is fifteen, like I mentioned before, and she is the kind of girl that thinks that she's all that just because she is in high school now. She wears big thick glasses and her hair is too straight that she doesn't even know what to do with it. She wears those thick headbands that were in "style" when I was in seventh grade. All the girls used to wear them, in my opinion, they looked stupid.

"Did you finally chat with her?" George asks me as we make our way to the dog supplies, Megan dumbly follows.

"No, she wasn't even online." Lucky for me.

"Who's her?" Megan asks behind us. Right, she always tries to be part of our conversation even though she has no idea what's going on. I guess she feels important since she is "hanging out" with seniors. I was pretty sure she would find out that we are not that cool, so talking to us is kinda like a waste of time, but third way through the year, she still thinks it's cool.

"This girl David wants to talk to. Done, " Lenny says as he grabs a random bag of dog food without even thinking. I'm pretty sure that kind of food is for puppies, for the puppy golden retriever is standing in the front of the bag with a whole bunch of arrows pointing random places showing where supposedly the food will benefit the puppy.

"No Lenny! That's not what Nancy eats, she eats Pedigree, " Megan complains.

"Well, you know what? The stupid Pedigree is not here so we are going to buy this one."

"Lenny! You have to go to Wal-Mart and buy it. That's where mom buys Nancy's food."

Lenny lets out a frustrated groan, "I am not going to freaking Wal-Mart."

"You have to. It's just across the street."

"Argh! You go then since it's so freaking close."

This is going to go on for ten more minutes, so George and I walk around the store through the aisles, looking for something to eat.

"Thank god I don't have a sister, " says George as he turns to the chips aisle.


George has a brother, he is twenty years old and he is in the army. He is somewhere in Korea on base. I don't think George misses him that much, he doesn't even mention him.

I'm looking through the candy as I hear Georges' lazy steps on the other side.

"Hi Grecia, " I hear George say and my head jerks up. Grecia's here? I look through the candy stands hoping to get a glimpse of her but stupid bags are too big.

"Hi George, doing some shopping?" Says her delicate voice. I lean on the cotton candy bags hoping to hear better.

"Not really, just wandering. Is Sarai working tonight?"

I shake my head. This Sarai has George crazy. George has liked her since Seventh grade. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her in English class. Kinda like I am with Grecia, he is with Sarai. The only difference here is that he actually talks to her, and they are actually friends.

Sarai is a shy girl with glasses and short hair. She is pretty, but you would think she is not George's type at all. I've had some classes with her and she is quiet. She sits in the back I guess so she doesn't bring attention to herself, and she is just quiet. But George is in love with her. He actually asked her out once, but she said no because she wasn't ready for a boyfriend. George was taken aback. I remember he told us, "She said no but she said that by high school, she might be ready." And since then, he has been waiting for the right time to ask her out again.

One of the things you have to appreciate in George, is his patience. Not everyone would have waited. Lenny would have said "Screw you, I'm asking another chick out." He said so when George told us the whole story. I guess I understand George, I mean if it was Grecia, I would wait 'till we were thirty if it was necessary. So now, every time he sees Sarai, say just going to her next class, he sprints towards her, hugs her and walks her. And I think she likes him too, so I don't know what he is waiting for anymore. He can ask her out now and she will jump into his arms.

"She's not, actually. You can call her if you want, " Grecia replies.

"Nah, I'll talk to her tomorrow. Well, see you later."

I know for a fact, tha

t last time George called Sarai, her father answered. He said Sarai wasn't home and George left her a message. But she never got that message. So now we know her father doesn't like him, and it's not hard to know why. I mean, any parent will lock their daughters away from him. Mainly because of his appearance, which is unfair and stupid.

George appears on the aisle with a bag of Doritos, he raises his eyebrows. I know what he means. So is either now or never. I walk to the aisle slowly, not wanting to startle her, or at least to notice me first. I pretend I am very interested in the bag of Guacamole chips. I turn it around and pretend to read through the health facts. I slightly turn my head to see her and she's kneeling down to an opened cardboard box putting the respective bags in its place. I see she is wearing the black shirt with the orange letters and khaki pants.

She looks bored. She looks at the shelves in front of her as she twists her ponytail in her hand, she yawns, she looks at her watch, then resumes.

So how should I go about it? I can't go up to her and say "Hi Grecia". I don't think she knows I know her name, that will freak her out. What if I ask for something in the store, saying something witty in the process and make her laugh, allowing me to pursue a conversation—

"Grecia!" I hear some lady call out.

I stupidly pick up a bag of Cheetos dropping three at the same time.

"Yeah?" Grecia responds loudly, I hadn't heard her speak loud before.

A big lady with an ugly bun on her head appears in front of her, "Can you take over for me, I have to go pee."

"Sure, " she replies gladly.

No, no, no, no. . . she walks by behind me and I feel like I can't breathe. She makes her way to the cash register.

I should buy something, anything. . . I see Lenny holding a different bag of dog food and his sister satisfied with the choice.

"You are so lame, " Lenny says.

"Give me the money, I'll pay for it, "I say rapidly, I almost want to add, before the other lady finishes peeing.

"Okay." Lenny drops the bag in my arms, I almost lose it. The bag is heavier than it looks. He hands me the twenty dollar bill as I hold the bag between my legs.

"You need some help?" Asks Megan and she reaches down for it.

"No, no, I'm fine." I am not fine, the bag weighs a ton, but I can fake it by the time I approach the register and we leave. I hold the bag in my arms and I feel like they are going to rip off its joints. I breathe deeply and leave it on the floor, count to three and pull it up rapidly, almost throwing me back.

Lenny and George are just looking at me with an amused expression in their eyes.

I can do this. I have it in my arms and already making my way to the register, I try to bring my breathing back to normal before I approach Grecia. I leave it on the counter coolly and act like the bag weighted like feathers.

Grecia smiles and beeps the bag, "Found everything you need?" she asks nicely.

"Uhm, yeah, " I say. And it's like it came out of someone else. The murmuring and breaking off of voice couldn't be me. I clear my throat, "Yes." That was better

"It will be ten ninety five."

I give her the twenty and she clicks on the computer. I hear the clincking of the change as I try to come up with something else to say.

"Nine dollars and five cents is your change." I reach for the money in her hand and for a split second, I feel our fingers brushed, leaving a tingling sensation behind.

"Thanks." I stuff the change in my pocket and hold the bag and smile. I walk out where George and Lenny are waiting for me beside the truck. Thank God they weren't here witnessing my pathetic try.

"Here David, let me help you." Megan reaches out but before I can pull away, she has both her hands pulling the other end of the dog food. And we walk out looking ridiculous, how many guys does it take to carry a bag of food? Just one and a fifteen year old girl.

That's it, the imaginary chance I had to even have her to notice me vanished like a drop on a windshield. But there could be the possibility that she didn't even see that, maybe the lady came back from peeing by the time Megan held the bag with me. I slightly turn, pretending like I was looking out for cars, and see Grecia looking out the window waving good bye.

Crap, she's probably dying to laugh. Look at that guy who can't even carry dog food by himself. On the bright side though, the bag's weight is lighter. I stupidly wave good bye back and I turn rapidly trying to hide my red face.

"See! Some progress!" Lenny's screams, "Get away Megan." He pushes Megan to the side and takes the bag like it's nothing and dumps it on the back of the truck.

Hopefully she didn't see that.

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