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   Chapter 3 Brianna the B Word

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 5029

Updated: 2018-01-12 11:46

When I arrive home, I see Brianna is home already, her mustang is parked on my space. When I walk inside, she is having a conversation with mom.

"I guess what I want in a guy is that he can be brave enough to talk to me. . ." Brianna is saying.

I feel like barfing at their daily "girl talk". So, I go straight to my room. I grab my laptop and l sit at my desk. I go to my Facebook page, just to see what my cyber friends are up to.

Okay. I mainly got a Facebook because I heard Grecia had a Facebook. So I sent her a friend request, she accepted and that was the end of that. I get to see whenever she changes profile pictures and I get to see what she is up to. Occasionally, I go through her info just to get to know her a little better. But, I swear, that is all I do. I don't get all weird and save her pictures on my computer and make it my desktop background. I guess I like to feel like I am a miniscule part of her life, even if it's all through the web.

I go through my notifications, sort of hoping Grecia liked my status but only my friends liked and commented on it. I go down through the recent stories. Some guy got a car, other one is bored doing his homework, George is pissed off at his mother, Lenny says something stupid, like usual. And Grecia posted a photo. The description says, "Am I the only one who enjoys the library?? J" and the picture is of her smiling at the camera, I assume she took it with her webcam, she is holding a three inch thick book, and she looks excited about it. I read the title of the book, I realize she is holding two books, making the titles on the spine smaller. I go down the comments:

Maria Triano- You boob!

Audrey Badass- I think you are, you nerd! :p

Perla Jewel- Hey, you coming?

Grecia Alcantar- I can't, working L Audrey, you are such a loser! How dare you call me a nerd?

I wonder where she works. I don't go shopping and I don't like to just wonder down the stores like I am some kind of a broke guy looking at the stuff sadly like a poor kid in Christmas, so basically, I don't go out as much as I should. So, maybe I'll never know where she works.


I get a text and I see Lenny and George have added me to their group text.

Lenny: Dude, have you talked to your sister?

George: You are sick Lenn

Me: Yeah, she said to tell you to leave her the hell alone or else she will get a restraining order against you

Lenny: lol she loves me

George: Hey I just got Bernard's invitation

Me: Invitation to w


George: To his Halloween party you idiot. Anyway, they are pretty gay

Me: oh yeah, got one too, it's purple with a big cartoon pumpkin

Lenny: that's gay alright

Me: I think his sister picked the invitations out

Lenny: he has a sister?

George: stop being such a douche Lenny

Me: He does, she's twelve, Lenny: I can do twelve

George: its illegal and sick

Lenny: im willing to wait

George: its still sick

"David, mom and I are going costume shopping, wanna come?" Brianna stands in my doorway looking down on her phone.

"No, thanks." The thought of going shopping with Brianna and mom is torturing. Every time they go anywhere together, they end up arguing about something stupid. And when they are both mad, they act like five year olds.

"OK." She starts to walk away when I call out her name. She stops and turns, "What?"

"Why is Lenny saying he has a date with you?"

Brianna giggles which makes me think that maybe Lenny made it all up. "He asked me out and I said yes, he was really getting in my nerves. We are gonna go to William's Halloween party." William is Bernard's older brother. He graduated last year but apparently he is still popular among the high schoolers. It's kinda sad.

"He wants to take you to Olive Garden."

She laughs again, "Well, I'll tell him I want to go to the party." She walks away as if she said something life changing.

I get back on my phone which has been beeping like crazy.

George: He is rich he can afford to buy his weapons, but it doesn't make him a hero

Lenny: so is Ironman

George: Ironman created his suit in a cave as he was being captive, he is a genius

Lenny: Yeah, how convenient that the terrorists had exactly what he needed. He cheated

George: Batman is the cheater, he pays the other guy to make everything for him, even his suit, he is a fraud!

Okay, this is getting a little too ridiculous.

Me: I'm back. Brianna is going to make you go to Bernard's party

George: ah ha!

Lenny: Who's better Batman or Ironman?

Lenny: How do you know?

Me: She told me a few seconds ago, Hulk.

George: HULK? He is not even one of the choices

Lenny: Oh well. Hulk sucks

Me: He turns green and is unbreakable, nothing can kill him. He is invincible

George: That hardly makes him the best hero

Lenny: Going to BigLots, who is in?

George: ok

Me: meet you there

I don't know why I'm going to Big Lots for, but if that means I'll be out of an empty house, then I am in.

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