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   Chapter 2 So Close and Yet I Manage To Mess Things Up

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"Okay, so what? Are you guys coming to my party?" Bernard asks as he puts a sporkfull of mashed potatoes in his mouth. I have almost every class with Bernard, and I guess you can say he is my friend. But he isn't really, because he loves science and for some reason he tries to make jokes about certain traits of it. Which is good if you are into science, but it can get annoying when you don't care for the Periodic table.

"I don't know, dude. I have a date, " Lenny says and we all turn to him with our mouths wide open. Lenny is a douche, no girl would say yes to him because he has a "gift" I guess you can call it, of hearing a single sentence, whatever subject, and somehow make it in a sexual innuendo.

"Really, who?" George finally asks.

He smiles smugly, "Brianna."

"You are going out with Brianna? Brianna, as in David's sister?" Bernard says as if there were a thousand Briannas Lenny can choose from, hell, I didn't even know my sister was one of them.

"Yep, her. I asked her out this morning, when we were waiting for Mr. I-need-to-blow-dry-my-hair-every-morning."

"And she said yes?"

"She probably said yes so you could stop stalking her, " adds George. I knew I could count on him.

"Whatever it is, I got a date with her. Taking her to Olive Garden. You don't mind, right David?"

Now he remembers that I exist. "Of course I mind! What the hell!" I can't help myself from punching that smile off his face but I am not much of a puncher, mainly because I almost always miss, so instead I smack him on the back of his head, making him drop his fries.

"Relax! It's not like we'll have sex. . ."

I don't even want to hear the end of his sentence so I smack him again, even harder, hoping I can get that stupid idea of going out with my twin sister out of his head.

George chuckles and says, "You are lucky to even have a cheerleader barely noticing you."

"Guys, we should stop talking about David's hot sister, he is apparently uncomfortable."

"Shut up Bernard."

Right, I forgot to mention that Brianna is the ultimate popular chick. She is the leader or whatever, of the Varsity cheerleaders. Which isn't much, if you ask me, the cheer-leading sucks. But she is not a snobby bitch like you would think. She is actually pretty cool, she helps me out by not speaking to me at all while we are at school, and she sometimes bullies me just because she's too embarrassed to show that he cares for her twin in public, but other than that, she is not so bad.

I feel Lenny elbowing me with his bony arm leaving a piercing pain behind, "Look who's over there."

I don't have to look, I know it's Grecia, Lenny gave it away easily, but I turn to look anyway. And there she is, lining up to pay for her sub two tables from us. I see she is alone, which can be my big chance, but I probably won't do anything but stare un

til she sits with her friends. She smiles at the lunch lady who doesn't even look at her as she puts the money in the cash register, but Grecia smiles anyway.

That's one of the things that I like her for, among hundreds, she seems to be smiling at everyone. It could be a grumpy lunch lady or a creepy guy who talks to himself at the bus, she smiles. She grabs napkins and a spork and starts towards her table. That's the end of it.

"You got to man up and talk to her one of these days, " Bernard says. I don't remember telling Bernard anything about Grecia, but I didn't have to, Lenny lets half the school know every time she walks by.

"David, I think you need a spork for your mashed potatoes, " George says out of nowhere.

"Why? I have one right here, " I hold it up right in front of his face just making sure he sees it.

He reaches for it and sticks it in his mouth, "Not anymore."

George can really be a jerk sometimes, but so can I so we are even. He is the guy who will kick anybody's ass for you if it's necessary. His I-don't-give-a-shit attitude is very admirable. I mean, one look at him and you'll know he is a ballsy guy. With his gages and the long hair that's always lying on his face and his dark clothes, he is a guy you want to avoid.

So, I stand hesitantly because I know that my tater tots will be gone by the time I get back. Only when I am checking for a closed clear bag that tells me that no germ has touched the spork since it was packaged that I notice that Grecia is walking towards me. Well, not towards me, towards the table which I am standing in front of.

My mouth runs dry and I suddenly feel like a hobo, with my hair all over the place. Okay, my ears are too big and that's why I keep my hair this long. Long but shorter than Tarzan's. My hair has this weird wave to it that I have found it stupid to even try to do it, so I don't. But I suddenly wish I had put some pomade or something.

"Excuse me, " Grecia says in her sweet voice. The I-am-a-damsel-in-distress tone makes me want to lift her in my arms and get on my imaginary white horse and take her to Neverland.

"Uh, " I step back allowing her to reach for a ketchup packet.

"Thanks, " she says, smiles, and walks back to her table.

That is seriously all I say, huh. Like my tongue was cut off. I could have said, "Oh, go ahead. By the way I am David." Or "What do you need? I can get it for you." Or even a sorry would have sufficed. But no, my brain had to shut down in that crucial second. I swear, I can be cool, but there's just something about Grecia that makes me want to scream and lay down on the green grass and admire the blue sky.

I walk back to the table, my feet feel like they were drenched in cement. All my friends are looking at me dying to cackle like hyenas. They all witnessed my disappointing try to talk to her.

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