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   Chapter 1 If This Is How High School Is, I Know College Will Be Worse

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 6759

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The thing about Minecraft, is that there is so much you can do so many things to destroy, so many things you can build, so many achievements you can achieve, that it pretty much takes over your life.

"What are you doing?" pops up on my laptop's screen.

"Why?" I type back.

"You're just beating up trees."

I am, because I am bored. But I am about to reply something witty or maybe even snide but I hear my mom announce from the kitchen, "David! Your friends are here!" I shut my computer hurriedly. George and Lenny (I'm serious, those are their names, like the characters from "Of Mice and Men"), will start hitting on my sister and I really don't want to see that.

I grab my back pack and I come down the hall and just as I thought, they are hitting on my sister who patiently ignores them as she eats her cereal.

"Okay guys. Let's go."

George backs off right away, but Lenny keeps whispering I don't know what to her, that I fling my backpack at him and hits him square on the face, "I told you to cut it out."

Lenny laughs, "Sorry, sorry, I can't help it, Brianna is hot."

I hit him again but even harder, "Let's go."

I park my car on my usual spot, which is a mile away from campus, because all the good spots are taken by the "Popular" kids. They are not really popular per-se, but they do act like they own the school. You see, there are cliques at my High school like all high schools in the US, the loud girls, the loud guys. The Gangsters, the Mexicans. The Jocks, the Blondes. But I think that the bigger clique, are the Drama kids. They always hang out under a tree, that used to be called the Emo tree, but the "Emos" started to be less and less and slowly it became the Drama tree. I don't belong to the Drama group, by the way, I am way too self-conscious for that. Neither am I part of the other cliques. George, Lenny and I are more like the invisible kids that nobody notices and nobody bothers. Which I quite enjoy since we don't need nor want to be noticed. At lunch, we sit along other friends who like me, are into computer games, so that's always interesting.

We walk towards our homeroom, AP English, as we discuss the nature of security at our school. Was it the girl who passed out at the girls' bathroom clearly intoxicated from the rum in her thermos, which also forbade us to carry thermoses to school? Or the guy who was caught smoking weed behind the bleachers during the pep rally? George insists that the reason the school now has security at the entrance is because we are so close to the border that they fear that illegal aliens will intrude the campus for one reason or another. Which could be, we have had three lockdowns since October started. But why would the school have security at the entrance of the school in the morning? It's not like armed illegals are going to pretend to be students of the school for a specific reason, I am sure they want to get started with their American dreams as soon as they cross the border, coming to school would be nothing but a waste of time.

As George starts getting defensive for Lenny rolled his eyes at him, I see Grecia sitting on the bench across the lawn. I know it's her because I see her long hair, that I find extremely attractive, and the necklace around her neck glimmers with the sun as she laughs freely. Plus, her friends are surrounding her like she i

s some kind of a god. Grecia (whose name means Greece in Spanish, something I find irresistible for some reason) is a girl my age, who I know since middle school. I don't know her, know her. By know, I mean seen around. I have had a single class with her. Back in seventh grade and it was PE (or gym class). I didn't get to speak to her because it was a class of thirty students and she had her group of friends that were always hogging her all the time, and because, well, I am a coward. That's when I got to "know" her more than just her looks. For example, she is nice. Nice as if someone got hit by the volleyball because he or she didn't get out of the way, she is the first to ask if he or she is alright. If you did something right, say, kick the kickball after the ten times missing it, she is the first to congratulate you like you are the game's hero. If you forgot a white shirt for class (since it is the uniform and if you were a girl, obviously) she has extras in her locker specifically for that purpose (not that I was there, I heard this part). In conclusion, I wish I had gotten hurt or really suck at something, like really bad, so I would have her talk to me. Other than Physical Ed. We've had zero classes together. Mainly because all my classes are AP classes. Not that she's stupid or anything, she is just not a freak like me, that's all I am trying to say.

Anyway, she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my whole seventeen years of my life. Her smile makes me forget how to breathe, her brown eyes are like fists to my stomach. I've never talked to her, like you might've of figured out already, but I have become so close. I have the walking towards her part right, but she is always surrounded by her bunch of friends that I get intimidated. I don't want to be laughed at when she rejects me. So, I walk up to her, and I just keep walking past her towards the library window, and pretend like I am searching for someone who might be in the library.

She doesn't even notice me. And that's one of the few problems I have on being invisible, not even girls seem to care for me. In case you are assuming that she is the ultimate popular girl who is way out of my league, she isn't. She is part of the musicians' group. The group who sits on the lawn against a wall as far away as possible in lunch. They always have jamming sessions, or whatever you call them, every day. I haven't seen her play any instruments but I am sure she is into Indy or folk music, she seems like that type. And yes, she is still way out of my league.

"Stop being so creepy dude. You are gonna freak her out, " Lenny says as he pushes me against George. They both know about my hopeless crush on Grecia, and they try to help me sometimes by raising their eyebrows two inches, nudging me with their elbows and making a hissing sound like they are telling me, Look who's walking by, making it so obvious that even her friends turn to see what the whole commotion is about. Grecia just keeps walking like she doesn't even notice, or she just doesn't care. Which is good for me, because she has no clue that I like her, and I want to keep it that way, until we graduate and go our separate ways.

"If she even sees you, " George adds. I do turn away, but I'm afraid the image of her will be in my head for the first three classes, until I see her again at lunch.

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