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   Chapter 36 NO.36

Through It All By madairifa Characters: 5543

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One cold December day, the streets of Lakewood were covered in snow, and its streets were filled with people in the early Christmas day eve rush. Children ran to their houses once the night came upon them from one playful evening ready for their Christmas Eve celebration. Mothers prepared their homes for the festivities, husbands sat by the fireplace waiting for the festivities to begin.

The Lancaster home was not the exception. Mr. Lancaster Sr. had invited the Willis family to their home to celebrate Christmas together. Mrs. Lancaster and Mrs. Willis kept a watchful eye on the preparations as the gentlemen had a hearty conversation about their pasts. Little John Lancaster sat on the floor reading a book Gilda had given him as an early gift. Gilda sat by the window looking out expectantly for a carriage to arrive. The carriage that would bring Adam and Sophia Lancaster back home.

It had been over four months when they first left Lakewood. Sophia had kept in contact sending Gilda letters, letting her know of their adventures. They did in fact left and stayed in Italy. Adam bought a cottage in a remote town which Sophia described as "Tranquil and pleasant". Sophia wrote that the cottage was cozy and beautiful, that she was taking private Italian lessons from a woman that was "Stricter than any governess she had ever had."

Adam too kept in touch as he promised. His letters contained updates on Sophia's wellbeing. Gilda wanted to know if getting away from Lakewood was benefitting her, and according to Adam's letters, it was. "She is confident, " he wrote, "maybe even happier. Meeting new people and learning of their cultures brin

ined how they wanted to surprise them, therefor not mentioning a thing on their letters, Gilda watched them tenderly. Adam held on his wife's hand gently but firmly and he looked at her with so much devotion that made Gilda sigh in content. Sophia spoke of the events excitedly as she ran her hands down her swollen belly tenderly. They spoke of their plans, confirming Gilda's suspicions. They would stay until the baby was born and they would return to Italy as soon as Sophia recuperated, assuring them that will come visit as often as they could.

Gilda nodded and laughed along with everyone remembering the young girl who doubted that she could impress Mr. Adam Lancaster. Who doubted that she could be the one for him. And now watching how much Adam admired her she knew that they were meant for each other. Gilda made a small prayer as the dinner was announced and they made their way to the dining room. She was thankful that these two young ones destined to the uncertainties of an arranged marriage, were now the happiest married couple her eyes did see. And this made her one happy old lady.

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