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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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"There is not much we can do Mr. Lancaster."

Adam rolls his eyes in frustration as he sits inside inspectors Lane's office. "Yes there is! Daniel Smith broke into my house and assaulted my wife, do what you usually do with situations like these."

Inspector Lane leans forward tapping his desk as if making a point. "Technically, he did not break in, Mrs. Lancaster did open the door."

"She did not invite him in and asked to be assaulted, did she?"

The Inspector looks at him without being able to come up with an answer. "I will be completely honest with you. Most of our funding comes from Mayor Smith, and if we incarcerate his son, we will jeopardize it, and we need it desperately."

Adam watches him in disbelief. "So he's allowed to walk the streets of Lakewood and assault as many women as he wants, is that what you are telling me?"

"Now Mr. Lancaster, he spent a week under my custody and he did seem like he regretted his actions."

"Ah well, as long as he showed some remorse, then I believe we can forget about it."

"I don't like your tone, " says the inspector harshly.

Adam stands angrily. "And I don't like the way you are handling things. This man hurt my wife. What if tonight, he decides to break into your house and assault your wife? Will you seek justice then? What is going to take for you to do your job?"

"I am going to have to ask you to leave, " he replies.

Adam shakes his head angrily. That was it then. The police won't even touch Daniel because of who his father was.

? ? ?

Adam walks inside his house finding Gilda and Lily cleaning every inch of his house. Gilda, seeing him, runs down the stairs fervently wanting to know the outcome of his visit. Adam simply shook his head and sits on the couch defeated. He doesn't know what to do. He can't keep on living in this town knowing that Daniel was still out there, regardless of his apology, of listening to him saying how much he loved Sophia, his promise that he was going to leave her alone, he went ahead and did this. Adam is no longer sure if they will be safe in this village.

Sophia walks down from their bedroom, her eyes light up when she sees him sitting on the couch. She's wearing a black dress, her hair up in a complex style making her seem older than she actually is.

"Hey, " she greets as she takes a sit beside him. "How'd it go?"

Adam shakes his head, which is answer enough for her.

"Mh, " she says not as disappointed as he thought she would be. "I knew that would happen. Him being the son of the richest man in town and all."

"I'm sorry..."

She takes a hold of his hand. "No, don't apologize. You tried your best and I love you for that. We can't dwell on it, I'm afraid it won't do any good." A shadow of sadness crosses her face, but it disappears behind a smile. "Remember, we have a dinner party to attend to."

"Ah yes, the awaited party of the year."

Sophia giggles as she stands patting his leg. The most awaited party of the year was the celebration of his parents' anniversary. It was their Silver Anniversary, which made the occasion a grander of an affair than any other party they have ever organized. It will take place at the great hall, only the prosperous members of town were invited. Adam usually looked forward to the event, every year, he would be so excited to be surrounded by such prestigious families, that it made him feel like he was just as prestigious. But after all he and Sophia have been through, from their first time apart, to the miscarriage, he doesn't feel like facing the most snobs from Lakewood, especially Mayor Smith and his son.

"We don't have to go, you know, " he calls after her as she walks up the stairs.

"Not go to your parents' silver anniversary? Are you mad?" he hears her giggle. He smiles, hearing her laugh again made him happy.

Gilda interrupts his thoughts as she grabs a pillow from beside him and pounds it down on the floor.

"Gilda, " he starts. "I have been thinking."

"Oh?" she says enthralled on the pillow beating task.

"Would you be our housekeeper?"

Gilda looks up astonished by the suggestion. "Why?"

"What do you mean why? I'll need someone to look after the house when we're gone."

"When who's gone?"

Adam rubs his hand nervously. "I'm thinking of taking Sophia away for a couple of months. Maybe longer."

Gilda stops and drops the pillow and takes a seat next to him. "Oh."

"I need to take her away from this place. I can't risk having her around..." he comes to a halt not wanting to say it out loud.

"I know." Gilda says. "Around Daniel Smith.".

"And around Lakewood as well, it's surrounded with bad memories."

Gilda nods. "If you believe it's what she needs, then I'll gladly be your housekeeper."

Adam reaches for her hand keenly. "Thank you, I know how much Sophia admires you, and it really means a lot to me to have your support."

Gilda smiles like a mother smiles at her child. "You know how much I love her, she's like the daughter I never had. I want the best for her, just like I know you do, you'll always have my support."

They exchange smiles. Now all Adam needs to do is ask Sophia if she's willing to leave everything behind, and not see anyone in her or his family for months, and go to a place where they don't know anyone where all they will have will be each other.

A knock on the door interrupts his thoughts and as he opens it, he regrets it immediately.

"Hello, may I speak to Sophia please?" Mrs. Smith asks quietly.

"No, " he says hastily.

Valerie looks down at the floor embarrassed. "Please, I need to speak to her."

Adam watches her intently, she seems like she hasn't slept in days, which tells him she found out about her husband's disgusting act. He opens the door for her and lets her in. He signals Gilda upstairs and she nods understandingly.

Valerie stands awkwardly by the door. Ad

music bring him back to the time he first met her, his surprise of how drastically his opinion of her changed. The woman he once described as insipid, was now the light of his life.

She finishes the song and turns to him. "Do you recognize the song?"

"Of course, it was the same song you played for my family when we first met."

Sophia smiles at his response. "It seems like it was such a long time ago."

Adam nods. "Indeed it does."

Sophia looks down at the keys and plays them one by one. "I know I insisted to attend this party, but I can't handle it, " she says apologetically.

"I know. I'm not doing so well either, " he admits. He shifts in place so he can face her better. "I've been planning a holiday."

"Oh, " he replies quietly.

"For the both of us."

She looks up as if surprised to have her included in his plans. "Oh?"

"Maybe a couple of months somewhere new where no one will bother us."

"And where do you suggest we go?"

"Somewhere in Europe. I was thinking we could buy a cottage in Italy, maybe."

Sophia smiles and says, "The dream you were forced to give up because of me."

Adam shakes his head. "I did not give it up. I chose you over it. And now, my dream is to take you to Italy with me." He takes a deep breath and locks eyes with her. "I just want to take you away from here. There's too many bad memories, too much has happened here that has the capability to haunt us for the rest of our lives. I know it means being away from your family but I strongly believe we need..."

Her hand on his cheek makes him go quiet. "I will go wherever you go."

Adam exhales all his worries abandoning him. He runs his fingertips down her cheek, he traces her lips gently and in one swift motion, he kisses her fervently. She lets out a quiet moan as his tongue slips in through her soft lips.

Someone clearing his throat makes them pull away.

"Father!" says Sophia standing, her cheeks red.

"Just thought you would want to be present when your father delivers his speech, " says Mr. Willis trying to fight a smile.

"Ah, yes, " Adam replies clumsily. "We better go down."

Sophia giggles as she walks past her father out the door.

"Sophia, " comes Mr. Willis' voice. "Go right ahead, I need a word with Mr. Lancaster."

Sophia nods puzzled. Adam could feel nerves already growing inside his stomach. They haven't had a man to man talk since after he beat him, and he has to admit, he still intimidates him.

"I just wanted to say how glad I am that you've been by Sophia's side through all of this."

Adam blinks in surprise but her tries to hide it. "I just did what any husband would do."

"No, you did what a true man would do. Some husbands don't do well with miscarriages. Blaming the wife and what not. You stayed with her and offered her your support, and I'm extremely thankful for that. Now I know I've made a good choice by choosing you." He stretches his hand. Adam shakes it firmly. "You're a good man."

As they both walk downstairs to the party, his father was already in the middle of his speech. He finds Sophia waiting for him at the other end. Her eyes light up when she sees him making him feel warm inside.

"Is everything alright?" she whispers worriedly.

He reaches for her hand and kisses it. "Everything's fine, we'll leave once my father finishes."

Sophia smiles and turns her attention to Mr. Lancaster Sr. Adam stays attentive to Sophia's face not wanting to miss a thing. He was also thankful for Mr. Willis picking him for his daughter. And as he hears his father addressing his wife, thanking her for staying by his side throughout all these years, his father's hollow words never sounded so true for Adam.

Six months seem like years considering what they've been through. He watches Sophia tenderly as she laughs at something his father says. Her soul and beauty stole him away and he can't imagine his life without her.

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