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Sophia holds Adams hand strongly as she watches her son's tomb. The memorial took place at the local cemetery, a week after their loss. There was no body, but an empty small casket. The epitaph simply read:

James Lancaster: Always Loved, Never Forgotten

Sophia wipes a tear from her eyes. Her mother, stands by her side trying to hold back her tears. It was a small private memorial. Only Adam's and Sophia's immediate family were present. Sophia could feel her heart healing slowly. Seeing the simple but true words on the tombstone made her smile. She knows that the baby will now know how much he was loved, and how much he was going to be loved if he was allowed more time. Organizing this memorial gave her some closure. God Giveth, God Taketh Away. Who was she to argue against it?

They make their way to Sophia's parents' house, who were hosting a dinner in James' honor.

"Thank you, " Sophia whispers as she holds Adam's arm tightly. Her husband held her every night. Now she knows how lucky she truly was.

Adam gives her a smile.

Sophia smiles back knowing that words will only be moot. They learned so much from each other in these hard times that she feels like they have become closer. They now know more of each other than they knew themselves, and they both knew how far they were willing to go for each other no questions asked. Sophia feels safe, he was there to love her and protect her, and there isn't much she fears when he's by her side.

She suddenly feels his arm become tense. He comes to a halt, and squeezes her hand strongly. His eyes fixed on something ahead. Sophia follows his gaze and her heart drops.

Daniel and his wife are walking towards them, hand in hand. As if everything was just a horrible nightmare.

"Stay here, " Adam says quietly but firmly.

Sophia freezes in place, memories clouding her head. But she forces herself to move when she realizes that Adam's angrily meeting them halfway.

Her parents walk past Daniel clueless about the incident. Mayor Smith covered his son's attempt saving their reputation, and Sophia didn't have the heart to tell them how her miscarriage really happened.

She rushes behind Adam before he does anything dangerous.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Adam says lividly as he approaches them. Valerie turns to her husband confused.

"I just want to pay my respects..."

"Don't you dare, " Adam interrupts harshly. "You think you can hide what you did? Your wife doesn't know what kind of a monster she married?"

"Daniel? What is he talking about?" Valerie asks worriedly.

Daniel ignores her. "I didn't know she was expecting."

"And if you did then you would've just walked away, huh?"

Sophia could see Adam's intention, his hand curled into a fist, a vein on his forehead is now very visible. "Adam please, " she whispers as she stands between Daniel and him.

"You think that just because you are the Mayor's bastard you can do what you like?!" Adam screams trying to reach for Daniel, but Sophia's in his way.

"No, stop, stop, Adam, calm down please, " Sophia begs laying a hand on his chest firmly. But he seems so enthralled to insult Daniel, Sophia grabs his face and forces him to look at her. "Adam please calm down."

Adam locks eyes with Sophia and his breathing slows, his shoulders relax, his sanity returns slowly.

"Sophia forgive me, I didn't know you were expecting, I wasn't myself, I..." He stops short as Sophia turns to him, eyes cold and sharp with hate.

"Daniel, what in God's name are they talking about? What do you have to do with Sophia's miscarriage?" Valerie asks completely puzzled.

Sophia turns back to Adam, and he's watching her with softened eyes, she wraps her arms around his neck and


Sophia looks up at him in disbelief. "You do, or at least you did at one point. I remember seeing you about town surrounded by friends, everywhere you went they were there."

"You knew who I was before our engagement?" he asks astonished.

"Of course I did! You were a handsome, intelligent bachelor, every girl in town knew of you."

He smirks and tightens his grip around her.

"What happened? I haven't heard from any of your friends since the wedding, " she continues. "Did I scare them all away?" she asks coming to a realization. If she's being honest with herself, she was a very dull, tedious girl, and she's not quite sure if that has changed.

He sits up and chuckles. "No, you could never scare anyone away. They weren't my friends, they were acquaintances."

"Don't you miss seeing them?"

Not understanding her sudden interest on his so called friends, he replies, "No. I don't need friends, I've got you."

"But you were so popular, " she replies fervently.

"Sophia, " he says making her stop. "I wasn't happy. My father believed that popularity is just another way of hiding one's loneliness, and he was actually correct. I didn't realize I was so lonely until I met you. Why do you think I didn't cancel our engagement when you gave me the option?"

Sophia smiles remembering their engagement party, the terrifying feeling she felt when Adam stood in front of the crowd awaiting a great speech. She remembers then the first time she set eyes on Adam Lancaster. She was fourteen, she and Gilda went to the market which is where she saw Adam with his acquaintances at the plaza reading, almost acting the Tales of Don Quixote. Girls watched them captivated by the eloquence of his words, and the sound of his deep voice. She was fascinated by his confidence, but even at her young age, she knew that he would never even look at her.

But now, they had just made love, and he held her so close as if he will never let go. She pulls away and grabs her favorite book from the night side table. She hands it to him, he flips through it confused.

"Read to me."

Adam furrows his eyebrows. "Read to you? Now?"

Sophia nods. "Yes. This is my favorite book, and you are my favorite reader."

Adam chuckles and opens the book to the first page, he kisses her forehead and without any more questions, he starts.

She's not really listening, instead, she positions herself under his arm and closes her eyes, letting the sound of his voice take her away.

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