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Adam paces back and forth right outside the bedroom door. His hands sweating with nerves. Gilda sits quietly on a chair with her eyes closed mumbling prayers under her breath. Lily stands tacitly holding on her shawl tears going down her face. Dr. Harris appears from the door, face grim.

Adam waits for him to speak, he keeps telling himself to be strong no matter the outcome.

"I'm sorry, " he lastly says laying a comforting hand on Adam's shoulder.

Adam's world comes crashing down. All his dreams at a standstill.

"He fought till the end, " the Doctor says.

Adam's eyes start to water. "How's my wife?"

"I gave her some morphine to calm her nerves, " Dr. Harris says. "Do call me if you need anything." Adam nods. Dr. Harris walks out the house quietly feeling like he could have done more.

Adam opens the door quietly and finds Sophia lying on her side, her back turned to him. She must be sleeping, he tells himself as he lays behind her bringing his arms around her back, pulling her small body against his. He feels her holding on his hand strongly telling him she was very well awake, and hurting.

"I'm sorry, " he hears her tiny voice. "I am so sorry."

Adam shakes his head painfully. "You never have to apologize to me."

"I need you to forgive me for not being able to take care of our baby, " she replies lowly.

"Sophia it is not your fault."

"But it is!" she exclaims letting go of him and sitting up rapidly. "We're being punished for what I have done, can't you see that?"

"Punished?" Adam replies feeling a knot in his throat.

"God is punishing me for everything! For my past with Daniel, for failing to save my sister, everything is my doing! And God has taken away my joy, because I don't deserve to be a mother, I don't!" she finishes with a deep sob.

Adam can't take this anymore. "Listen to me, " he says rapidly holding Sophia by the arms. "This is not a punishment, it's a test. He is testing us. It's a trial, and I assure you we are going surpass it. We will cry our loss, but we will not give up. I know it doesn't seem like it, but we will get through this, I will get you through it, because we have to prove Him that we are ready for a family and something greater will come our way, I know it."

Sophia looks up at him and snivels, "I don't think I'm strong enough."

"But you are!" he assures her. "You are the strongest woman I know, and if you feel like your strength

ble to continue. Her face distorts as tears stream down her face, her shoulders drop, and she covers her face as her sobbing becomes uncontrollable.

Adam wraps his arms around her one more time. It seems like all he can do for now is hold her.

She uncovers her face, wiping her tears away. "I'm sorry, " she says. "I'm alright. I am."

"What can I do?" he asks again.

"Just stay with me, " she whispers.

"I will never leave your side."

She gives him a small smile.

"I've been thinking, " Adam says breaking the silence. "We should make a memorial, for our baby."

"A memorial?"

"Yes, we should honor our first child. A tombstone that states that he was loved no matter how short of a time we had with him or her."

Her eyes seem to brighten. "I'd like that."

He takes a hold of her hand. "What should we name him, or her?"

"I always imagined it would be a boy, " she looks down at her hands thoughtfully. "I've always liked... James."

Adam nods. "Then he shall be named James Lancaster."

Sophia smiles now, and Adam finds himself breathing easily. He's now convinced she is stronger than she'll ever know.

A/N: Oh My Gosh guys! I never thought i would go to such a dark place, not with this story! My goodness! I hope you're all enjoying these, the last chapters, i think i have made them suffered enough don't you think? Anyway please vote, and i want to know what you guys think so please do leave your comments. Also, you should follow me, I have so many stories i want to tell! Thank you so much for your support! Also, do read my other works, it will mean so much to me!


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