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Sophia arrived home thinking of the fruitful evening. After having lunch at the Lancaster house and letting Mrs. Lancaster know, or guess, her pregnancy, she felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders. They hadn't thought of making an announcement, they were satisfied with keeping it to themselves but now that someone else in the family knew, it makes her giddy with excitement. Gilda greeted her with a basketful of baby clothes. They sat on the baby's room's floor admiring the small clothes and spoke for hours about Sophia's childhood. How Sophia admired Gilda for being able to use the stove, or how Lucia used to pretend she was a doll so Sophia could play with her doll like hair. Keeping the conversation light and cheerful, nothing could bring her down.

Gilda left to the market and Sophia lays on the floor looking up at the ceiling, her mind free from trouble, from any pain. She takes a deep breath and allows herself descend in this happiness.

But there is a knock on the door.

Lily can't answer, she's outside doing her chores. Sophia answers the door with a broad smile on her face.

"Oh, " Sophia's smile fades. "Daniel?"

Daniel stands before her, hair disheveled, clothes crumpled, eyes glazed, hands trembling. "Forgive me, I just really needed to see you."

"I don't think that's a good idea, " Sophia says slightly pushing the door closed.

"I know, I know, but I saw you walking through town, and seeing you with him, made me so angry."

"Daniel, you've been drinking."

"That doesn't matter!" he exclaims. "I saw you with that man and it killed me. Do you know what it's like to die a little inside?"

Sophia nods pretending to be sympathetic. "You should leave, you are not well and I think you should go home to your wife and son, and..." Daniel steps forward firmly making her jump.

"We can't talk about it? I feel like we have to talk about it, " he says miserably.

"We have talked about it, and we agreed to move on, move on with our marriages, and I..." but she's interrupted when he pushes through the door and she's forced to step back.

"I don't understand, " he says. "No one can love you as much as I love you."

Sophia takes a look at her surroundings looking for some kind of weapon, for Daniel's state scares her and his unpredictability makes her shiver. "Leave this house this instant, " she orders trying her best to sound firm but at the sight of Daniel closing and locking the door behind him, she realizes that there's nothing she can say to make him leave.

"Mrs. Lancaster?"

Sophia turns around and finds a fearful Lily standing timidly by the kitchen door. "Go get help, " Sophia replies rapidly. "Go!"

Lily nods and rushes out, Daniel attempts towards Lily but Sophia grabs and chucks at him, the nearest thing she could find, but he ducks just in time, making the candleholder crash against the door.

"I'm not going to hurt you, " he says taking slow steps towards her. "You belong to me, don't you understand? I was the first to kiss those lips, " his eyes water and his voice breaks making her almost feel sorry for him, until he reaches out for her arms and attemp


"You have suffered quite a trauma, I must insist you take a bedrest for a week. The child's stability has been compromised, we must let the fetus rest."

Sophia nods thankfully.

"I will be back tomorrow morning, " he says as he gathers his equipment. "The baby is probably fine, but we won't take any chances."

She nods again. "Thank you Doctor."

He smiles and opens the door, he whispers a few things to Adam letting him know of her condition; Sophia could see his face change. He thanks him, and he walks back inside and takes a place beside her, he wraps his arms around her. Neither of them saying a word, both breathing easily, they both know they'll make it through. And no matter what happens now, they'll have each other.

? ? ?

Two days since the incident and Sophia feels hopeful. She has been in bedrest and drank the herbal tea Gilda made her to calm her nerves. Though the future of her child was still uncertain, she feels confident that he will make it, for he had a mother who took care of him and a father who took care of him and his mother. Adam has stayed home with her tending to her every need.

But on the third day, something went wrong.

Sophia wakes up in the middle of the night feeling very thirsty. She stands slowly and walks towards her dressing table where a jug of water awaited. She feels drained and weak. She pours herself a cup but a painful cramp makes her bend, the glass shatters on the floor. Adam's awake and on his feet in seconds.

"Sophia?" he says worriedly.

Sophia cringes in pain. "The baby, " she manages to say through clenched teeth.

"Gilda! Gilda!" Adam yells as he picks Sophia up in his arms and brings her back to bed, Sophia curls up in a ball groaning painfully.

"What's wrong?" comes a flushed Gilda to her side, the light from her lamp revealing the nightmare. "Blood, " she whispers terrified as Adam turns to the bedsheets and sees the dark stains. Adam's face goes pale. Gilda says something about getting Dr. Harris, but Sophia can't hear her. The pain too strong to let her think of anything else.

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