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Sophia paces back and forth watching the door anxiously. Her hands trembling, stomach tight with nervousness. Her sister's memory pushed aside by other thoughts. How will he take the news? Will he be happy for her, happy for the both of them? She turns to the mirror hanging from the wall and smiles. This is what she needed. This. The promise of new life after a tragic death. She runs her hand down her stomach, knowing it's too soon to tell, she rubs it anyway. She wonders how it will feel once it starts to show.

The door knob turns slowly making her turn abruptly. She takes a deep breath.

Adam walks inside, eyes looking down on the floor, the suit in which he usually looks so handsome, is disheveled.

"Adam?" Sophia walks towards him deeply concerned by her husband's sad demeanor. She places a gentle hand on the side of his cheek and lifts his face slowly meeting his eyes. "What's the matter?"

He gazes at her but doesn't say a word. Instead, he takes her hand and guides her to the drawing room. Sophia starts to imagine the worse.

As they settle on the sofa, he starts speaking lowly. "It's nothing too bad. We were invited to the Mayor's house for a luncheon."

"How did it go?" she asks desperately.

"My father and the mayor came to an agreement."

"What kind of agreement?"

He rubs his head roughly as he replies, "My father sold him the shop."

Sophia gasps puzzled. The carpentry, the only one in Lakewood, the one that Adam's own grandfather built from scratch and passed it down to his son and it was supposed to be passed down to Adam in the future. It's the Lancaster's pride, all their work and determination packed in that one place.

Catching her breath she asks in disbelief, "He sold the shop to Mayor Smith?"

"Yes, to the Mayor of Lakewood, " he says sarcastically. "As soon as he heard of our business in New York, he wanted the shop as his own. He offered my father a substantial amount of money and my father accepted it. There was a big celebration after the accord. He didn't even ask me." He says as an afterthought. "He didn't think of asking for my opinion."

"I'm sorry, " she replies softly not able to find any suitable words. They sit side by side, Sophia runs her hand down his back encouragingly, wondering what she can do to make him feel better about all this.

"Oh God, I've been so selfish, " Adam says hurriedly after a moment of silence. "I completely forgot about your appointment with Dr. Harris."

Sophia's cheeks turn red and she looks down shyly. Feeling her stomach in knots, she takes a deep breath

"So, are you better then?" he asks eagerly.

"No, not better."

His eyes betray him, he looks distressed by her health and it makes her smile. "Is it serious?"

She nods. "Very." He's about to embrace her with great sadness but she stops him with a hand on his chest. "I'm pregnant."

He's eyes widen is great shock. "You're...?"

She smiles all her worries melting away, and by the look on his face his worries did so as well.

"My darling Sophia! You make me the happiest man alive!" he stands up in excitement and pulls her in, embracing her strongly, he showers her face with kisses, Sophia laughs as his kisses tickle her skin.

They embrace in the candle light as the sun starts setting. The lack of a fire at the fireplace makes the cold air unbearable, but they don't feel a thing, they're sharing the warmth, the warmth that Adam always seems to have.

"Are you hungry?" she asks looking up at her husband. Lily and I made supper but I'm afraid it's gotten cold." Adam shakes his head. "Neither am I. I suppose we could save it for tomorrow, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all, " he replies.

"We shall go to bed then?" She pulls away and starts towards their bedroom but Adam holds on to her hand.

"No Mrs. Lancaster. You are now a mother, or soon to be and I will not have you making any efforts whatsoever." He lifts her in his arms smoothly, Sophia giggles in delight. "It's my duty as a husband to ensure both of your safety."

"Adam, you're mad, " she laughs.

"I am mad. And you're the one to blame."

? ? ?

"Truth is, it is not all balls and entertainment." Valerie sits beside Sophia early in the morning at the Smith's garden enjoying a luncheon. A few servants stand by awaiting any order or whim the Mayor's daughter in law may have. Sophia sits uncomfortably wondering why Valerie invited her to a luncheon in the first place. Valerie was a pleasant person but she prefers to keep her distance from her for obvious reasons, but an invitation from the Smith family can't be rebuffed.

"I hardly see my husband throughout the day, with luck we acknowledge each other at night before we go to bed."

Sophia nods and looks down at her shoes wishing she could be somewhere else.

"May I tell you something in confidence?" Valerie says as she holds Sophia's hand for support.

"Umm yes, " she replies looking around her watching the three maids standing by the table.

"Daniel believes that little Daniel isn't his son."

Sophia's eyes wid

ts of Lakewood, their usual route. "That the less harsh movements, the better for the infant, and I am going to do whatever it takes to make this little man as secure as possible." He rubs his hands on her belly and she giggles. "How was the luncheon?"

"It was good, " she replies.

"Really? Did Mrs. Smith boast about her piano skills again?"

Sophia laughs. "She did play one song."

"Typical. If only she knew you are so much more talented than she is."

"I haven't played the piano since our families met, " Sophia replies incredulously.

"And it was the best music I have ever heard."

Sophia smiles. "I spoke to Daniel, " she admits.


"We talked it all out. We had closure and now we can just focus on what's important."

His hand covers her belly again. "I agree." As the house comes into view, Adam says excitedly. "I forgot to tell you. I hired someone new."

"You did?" she asks surprised. "A maid?"

"A maid, a nanny, a cook, whatever you need her for, she will be there."

"Why did you..."

"Because, " he interrupts as if he already guessed what she was going to ask. "You will need help. You will no longer be able to do chores and Lily won't be able to do everything for herself."

They arrive to their home and Adam climbs down first, then he holds Sophia by her waist and helps her down. Sophia smiles in gratitude and he holds her hand as they enter the house.

"There she is!" exclaims a woman's voice.

Sophia's eyes widen in excitement. "Gilda? But how?"

Gilda hugs her as she explains, "Adam came by your father's house and asked me if I wanted to come work here. I had to say yes of course. He said that it was urgent, did something happened?" Gilda asks, her face gone serious.

"No, well..." Sophia looks at Adam and Adam nods. "We haven't made an announcement."

"Announcement for what?" Gilda asks eagerly.

"We're pregnant."

Gilda doesn't know how to react. She covers her face and whispers, "Oh my God." Then in a louder voice she says, "Congratulations!" she embraces Sophia again and then pulls Adam in as well. "Does that mean that I get to be the child's nanny?" she asks. Sophia smiles and nods. Gilda's eyes start tearing up. "It's been a long time since I last held a child. You were the last." She pulls away and in a more serious tone, she says, "This is what we needed. After..."

Sophia nods fighting back tears. "I know."

After a moment of silence, Gilda says, "So, where will I be staying?"

"Please, right this way Mrs. Gilda, " replies Adam extending his arms pointing up the stairs.

As soon as Gilda walks ahead of them, Sophia takes a hold of Adam's hand and pulls him towards her. Adam turns confused, but before he can speak, she pulls him down by the collar of his jacket and kisses him on the lips. Adam smiles as she lets go, he holds on to her before she can pull away and steals another kiss. Sophia giggles as he makes a snarling sound and kisses her neck.

"Adam!" she squeals quietly.

"What a lovely house!" comes Gilda's voice from upstairs.

Adam pulls away rapidly, face red with excitement, "Thank you Mrs. Gilda, " he replies as he takes Sophia's hand and start up the stairs. "Had it specially made for my lady."

Gilda laughs. "Isn't that sweet, " she says as she turns to Sophia. Sophia simply smiles, she has a feeling that the rest of her life will be sweet.

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