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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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Adam checks his list for the West Hotel and sighs in exhaustion, taking the offer from the West Hotel was not such a good idea like he first thought. Making furniture for over twenty rooms was insane, especially when they are made by two people. He checks his calendar and realizes they had three weeks to complete the order, he rubs his eyes, where was his father? He was supposed to be helping. He takes his list and crunches it in his hand. He doesn't have the heart for this anyway.

He walks towards the window and looks out the streets of Lakewood. The funeral was a week ago but the streets seem to have stayed dark and gloomy.

He wonders how Sophia's doing. Ever since her sister's tragedy, Sophia hasn't been feeling too well. She wakes up very early in the morning feeling nauseas, sometimes she vomits. Just two days ago, she actually fainted. Adam finally convinced her to go see Dr. Harris, the situation was starting to scare him. He hopes it's nothing serious, he hopes it's just some bug going around. He looks out the window, the cloudy day mocking his emotions.

"You won't believe the great news."

Adam doesn't move.

His father continues, his excitement radiating from his voice. "The Mayor wants us to join him and his family for lunch. Ever since the deal with the West Hotel, Mayor Smith has been extremely interested in our business, I suspect he wants to make some kind of agreement with us. How do I look?"

Adam turns and sees his father with a giant smile on his face, he feels happy for him, even though business with the Mayor could only mean one thing: favors. Any wish and want the mayor may want, they would have to comply. The Mayor was well known for his "favors". If anyone did anything with or for the mayor, he will bring it up and make them feel like they owe him. Adam's not ready to be anyone's puppet. But his father is so enthusiastic about the whole situation, Adam doesn't want to be the one with the bad news.

"You look great, " Adam replies.

His father smiles then furrows his eyebrows. "Is that how you're planning to go?"

Adam takes a look at himself, his stained and wet from sweat work clothes aren't suitable for a lunch date with the Mayor's family. "I shall go change, " he says. But he doesn't want to his empty house. The house without Sophia it's just that, a house.

? ? ?

"Well, isn't this is nice, " Adam's mother awes. "I've never been in the Mayor's house before." She holds Adam's arm tightly as the butler leads the Lancaster family into the drawing room.

"Ah! Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster welcome to our humble home, " Mrs. Smith greets them fanning herself with a

am turns to him baffled. "She did?"

"Yes, she seemed very adamant." A smile comes to Adam's face as Daniel keeps talking. "That's when I decided to seek you in New York. To state my position."

"I see, " he replies feeling relieved, but tries carefully not to expose it.

"When I saw how much Mrs. Lancaster despises me, I learned my lesson and took my cue to leave."

"She doesn't despise you, " Adam replies without a second thought. "When she married me, she loved you. But, you broke her heart."

Daniel nods fully understanding the pain he caused her. "And now, you have mend it, I suppose, and she gave it to you without remorse."

Adam doesn't reply. He hadn't considered the pain Daniel was going through, and now he feels sorry for him, for his unhappiness.

"Mr. Smith sir, " they're interrupted by the nanny, she's holding his child in her arms. "He's asked about you, I thought you would want to hold him a bit."

Daniel looks like he's considering it, but then shakes his head. "No, take him to his mother."

The child is taken away immediately but he keeps smiling oblivious of his rejection.

"He's a lovely boy, " Adam comments looking after him, his own wishes for his own son surfacing.

"Yes, I suppose he is."

They continue towards the dining room slowly side by side. "He's not mine." He says after a pause.

"Pardon me?" Adam asks unable to process his words. The boy was the same image as Daniel. Blonde, blue eyed and clear complexion. Everything about the little boy resembled him.

"Never mind, shall we eat?" Daniel says distracting himself.

Adam nods without questioning him further. He's known Daniel since they were school boys, but he's never felt like he knew him like he was getting to know him now.

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