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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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"He what?" Lucia exclaims flustered.

"Please try to understand, he wants to start anew with his wife, you can't blame him for that, " Sophia explains trying to calm her down. Their mother sits on Lucia's bed not saying a single word.

"Why did he speak to you and not me? What kind of a man is he?" Lucia snarls angrily.

"I don't know, maybe he was nervous. He wanted me to prepare you."

"Coward, " she scoffs. "A big coward. He might look like an intimidating man but he's a five year old child."

"Lucia, please try to understand him."

Lucia paces from one end of her room to another. "Understand him? He left me. Me. And I have to understand him? Why can't he understand how lonely I was, huh? Why can't he understand how much I suffered being known as the woman who was left behind? That's the mere reason why I told everyone he died."

"Lonely? Suffered?" their mother shouts. "You suffered so much that you got married again? You were so lonely that you forced that husband to leave you for your promiscuity?" She stands firmly and walks up to Lucia decisively, Lucia doesn't dare to move. "Listen to me now Lucia. This man wants to do the correct thing and take you with him because you are his wife. You hear me, his wife. You can be angry all you want but you and I know that you have to go with him now before you start that long journey into a miserable life. This little game of sleeping with every man that crosses your path is getting old, so you better grow up and start living a decent life."

Lucia's eyes start watering as she stares at her mother astounded. In all her life she had never been yelled at like this before. Sophia sits agog at her mother's outburst.

"You want me away from here, don't you?"

"Lucia don't..." Sophia tries to stop her before she says anything hurtful but Lucia interrupts her.

"You just want me as far away from here as possible because I'm not your perfect daughter. I'm not what you wanted me to be, well you know what? I am sorry for not being a hypocrite. I am sorry for trying to enjoy this hell hole you call home. I am sorry I can't be more like Sophia the immaculate fool that has no mind of her own."

Sophia looks down at her hands trying to avoid her own emotions.

"I am so glad you are apologizing, " Mrs. Willis replies. "Because you don't know how many nights I spent asking myself why you couldn't be like Sophia. Sophia never gave us any of this nonsense. Your father and I have been put through enough because of you. You are nothing but a selfish, spoiled, shameless little girl that I have sheltered for way too long. I am done. I finished covering your immorality, I am exhausted pretending that all that you have done does not make me want to slap you."

Lucia starts crying quietly and Sophia watches her. She couldn't remember the last time she saw her sister cry.

"How can you say that?" says Lucia miserably. "I'm you

iate to say so he doesn't try.

"I'm sorry, " Sophia whimpers.

"Hush, don't be sorry, " he replies gently.

"I just can't believe she did this, " she starts forcing herself to talk about it hoping that it will make the pain disappear. "I didn't know she was so unhappy. She was always so cheerful, in her own way but cheerful. She always did what she wanted and she didn't seem to care for other's opinions, was she giving us signs? Was her behavior her call for help and we just chided her instead of listening to her cries?"

"You did try to help her remember?" Adam tells her. "When she went to that nunnery, it was for her good, she simply rejected it."

"Yeah but maybe..." she lets go of the bucket and wipes the tears off her eyes. "Maybe that wasn't the way, maybe she needed something else."

"Maybe, " is all Adam can reply.

"I shouldn't have left her, " Sophia says again. "If I would have stayed, she wouldn't had the time to do anything. She would still be alive."

"Do not blame yourself, " Adam says sternly. "She was planning it for days, how else did that rifle end up in her room? If it wasn't today, then it was going to be another day."

"But it would have been one more day for us to save her!" she shouts desperately. "Oh God, why did she do this? Why? She could've just gone with her husband and start a new life, why did she refuse to accept this second chance?"

"I don't know, " Adam admits. Sophia's sobs become so intense that she could hardly breathe, Adam starts to worry. "I'll send for Dr. Harris, " he says as he tries to stand.

"No, no stay with me, please, " she begs as she holds his arm tightly. "I'm going to be alright..." she interrupts herself and reaches for the bucket. Adam holds her hair back as she vomits.

The image of her sister will haunt her for the rest of her life, and the feeling of failing to do more for her sister will gnaw at her for years to come, she knows it.

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