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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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Adam's father was not happy. When he arrived from New York, he did not say a single word to his own son. And frankly, Adam did not want to speak to him either. Their relationship had cracked. Since that day Mr. Lancaster Sr. decided to hire a prostitute for Adam, Adam no longer wanted that bond there once was. Mrs. Lancaster did not seem to notice their sudden distance towards each other, but John, Adam's little brother, did.

John walks inside the carpentry, hands in his immaculate uniform, head hanging low. Adam looks up from his sketching and smiles, but the boy does not smile back.

"What's the matter?" Adam asks putting his pen down, all his attention on his brother.

John shrugs.

"Come on, something is in your mind, tell me what it is, " Adam insists.

John looks up, his eyes red from tears. Adam stands rapidly and kneels before him. "What's wrong? Did someone bother you at school?"

"No, " he replies in a tiny whisper.

"What is it then?"

John rubs his eyes and speaks, "Are you and father fighting?"

Adam sighs trying to come up with an appropriate response. "We had a minor disagreement. That's all, nothing to worry about."

"Then why was father telling mother that you were being difficult and that you wanted to be as far away from him as possible."

"He said that?" Adam asks more to himself than to his brother. "Well, it will blow over. Father and I are more different that people think. You don't need to worry yourself about all this. Next thing you know, it'll all be over."

"Really?" asks John quietly.

"Of course, you'll see."

"John, please excuse us, " Mr. Lancaster's voice comes from behind Adam, Adam's back tenses. He doesn't want to see him.

"Yes sir, " John replies and runs off swiftly out the door.

"Adam we need to talk."

Adam stands and turns slowly, his father stand before him looking so perfect as usual.

"I believe you misunderstood me when I asked the concierge to intercept your letters, I was doing it for us, " his father explains.

Adam shakes his head and almost wants to laugh. "This has nothing to do with the letters." His father looks confused so he continues. "This has to do with you hiring a prostitute and letting her in my room."

His father looks taken aback. "Well, I just thought you needed to relax a bit."

"Oh, you thought you were doing me a favor by leading me to temptation?" Adam replies nastily.

His father laughs, Adam's patience is wearing thin. "Temptation? Oh no son, please, I was merely offering you an escape from that bothersome hotel."

"An escape?" Adam spits angrily. "You are the one who insisted I get married. You basically forced me to marry Sophia. Now you push these women my way, I can't comprehend your intentions."

"I truly think you are over thinking everything. Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman, the women promise to take care of the family, and we promise to treat them well. You got married because you needed to settle down and have a family. Sophia married you because she wanted a man to support her financially. See?"

Adam rubs his eyes in frustration wondering where the prostitutes took part in all this. "At my wedding, we promised each other to be for each other in sickness or in health, to be loyal to each other no matter the circumstances. To be faithful until death do us apart. Don't you see father? Faithfulness is what makes a marriage."

His father shrugs. "Empty promises, son. Those are empty promises we make because it is tradition, that's all."

Adam sighs feeling a heavy weight on his chest. "I didn't."

His father furrows his eyebrows not knowing if he heard correctly. "You didn't what?"

"My promises were genuine. I promised my wife, loyalty and faithfulness from the beginning, so I would appreciate it if you could stop this nonsense." Adam walks to his desk and returns to his notes. "You can do what you like with whomever you like, but don't get me involved."

His father stands tacitly, wanting to make things better, but he realizes that he can't. He walks out without turning back.

? ? ?

s turns to him almost offended but his face changes as he reconsiders.

Adam sits back allowing Mr. Gibbs to consider his actions. Sophia gives him a distressing look, Adam gives her a reassuring one, but he knows that she can feel Mr. Gibbs' pain.

Perhaps this could be the best thing that could happen to Lucia, Adam ponders. She could go somewhere new where no one knew her past, and if she gave it an effort she could start a new life. A life without scandals.

"Have you spoken to Lucia?" asks Sophia breaking the silence.

"Not yet. I was hoping you could speak to her before I go see her, maybe let her see the advantages to coming with me."

"I don't know if she'll want to listen to me..."

"But she will!" he interrupts making her jump. "You are the only one that can speak to her, put some sense into her."

"But I..."

"Please Sophia, " he begs as he takes a hold of her hand, Adam sits up alert unaware of his overprotective stance. "At least let her know that I'm here for her, just so she won't be too surprise when I do go see her."

Sophia watches Mr. Gibbs sympathetically, his distress obvious in his rugged face. "Alright, I'll speak to her tomorrow morning."

"Thank you Sophia, thank you!" Mr. Gibbs stands and attempts to hug her but Adam stands along with him and he decides against it. "Mr. Lancaster, a pleasure to meet you, you're a very lucky man, " he tells Adam as they shake hands.

"Yes I am, " replies Adam.

"Well, I better be off. Sophia, thank you again. Forgive me if I interrupted your evening."

Adam shrugs assuring him he didn't, even though he did.

Once Mr. Gibbs was out the door he turns to Sophia. "I thought Lucia was a widower."

"She claimed to be when he left." She faces Adam with an anguish face. "What do I tell Lucia? That her long lost husband has come to claim her back?"

"Yes, that's exactly what you should tell her."

She lets out a laugh. "She's going to hate me more than she already does. She didn't even want to marry him, you now. I believe she married him just because he gave her all these expensive gifts. I think she thought he had a fortune."

"And when she found out he didn't?"

"She refused to go with him to England. I just hope she doesn't hurt him. He's a very good man, he doesn't deserve to get hurt again."

Adam wraps his arms around her compelled by her tender heart. "You need to stop worrying, you do what you promised and leave. Lucia is a grown woman, she'll know what to do."

Sophia sighs. "You're right."

Adam gives her a peck on top of her head and holds her for a bit longer. They would be better off if Lucia did leave, they will both have a reminder of their past behind them, no longer inflicting them.

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