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   Chapter 26 NO.26

Through It All By madairifa Characters: 9463

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(WARNING: may not be suitable for minors)

Sophia's leaning against the wall where Adam had left her. She touches her lips softly with her fingertips reliving the moment. She sighs in glee, Adam had never taken her breath away quite like this before. She smiles as she recalls his wondering gentle but strong hands caressing her body, making her neck grow hot. Smiling to herself, she walks downstairs towards the kitchen. She stops short at the living room door as she spots Adam having a conversation with some women from town. She stops in the doorway, and watches him.

She can't believe how lucky she was for not staying with Daniel, not that she had much of a choice, but the fact that she decided to move on, made her realize that all this was meant to be.

Adam laughs, his manly chuckle makes her smile. He looks tired, Sophia realizes. The circles under his eyes were fairly new, and the stubble on his face, though it makes him seem more handsome, told her that he skipped his shaving routine, which was unlike him.

Adam looks up and catches her eyes, Sophia gets slightly nervous. Adam gives her the most beautiful smile, Sophia smiles back, she can't wait to be alone with him.

She enters the kitchen to find her parents sitting on the table eating from a platter.

"What happened?" Sophia asks confused as to why they isolated themselves.

Her father shrugs, "Too crowded. I didn't know you were friends with all these people."

"They're more like Mrs. Lancaster's friends, " she replies bashfully.

"Oh god what is that?" her mother exclaims startled.

Sophia looks around her trying find some insect on the floor. "What?"

"That!" she pulls her closer to her and points at her neck.

Sophia has no idea what she's talking about until her father pokes her neck and it feels tender. She immediately covers her neck with her hand, it was where Adam was kissing her.

"Is that what I think it is?" Mrs. Lancaster asks unable to hide her smile.

Sophia turns red and doesn't reply.

Mr. Lancaster chuckles. "Newlyweds Mrs. Willis, I'm sure you remember some of that."

Her mother can't contain herself and giggles. "Oh do I!"

Feeling conscious about her neck, Sophia decides to leave her parents and join her husband. She spots him easily for he's height makes him stand over the crowd. She walks quietly behind him as he listens to whatever the mayor was saying to the group of five men surrounding him. She gently lays a comforting hand on his arm, he turns and smiles obviously pleased to see her, he discreetly reaches for her hand and interlocks his fingers with hers. No one could tell they were holding hands, and if they did, Sophia doubts that Adam would let go, just as she won't let go of him.

? ? ?

Sophia closes the door of the drawing room behind her and she sees Adam al

says but she doesn't have to say it twice. Lily's out the door in seconds.

Sophia turns to the bathroom and smiles at herself picturing her husband taking a bath. She opens the door slowly, Adam turns to look at her from the steamy tub, his muscular chest rising with his breathing.

"I gave Lily the day off, " she comments casually as she leans on the doorway.

Adam smiles. "What a coincidence. I decided to take the day off today as well. What do you suggest we do?"

Sophia grabs a long strand of hair and twirls it in her fingers flirtingly. "I was thinking maybe go out to dinner, in a nice restaurant."

He nods agreeing. "What do we do till then?"

"Anything we want, I suppose."

Adam grins and stretches his arm out. "Join me."

Sophia could feel her cheeks turn red. "In there? I'll get wet."

"That's the idea, " he replies with a wink.

Sophia laughs, her shyness slipping away.

"Please, " he says convincing her.

She starts walking towards the tub slowly, building up the anticipation. "Just because you asked nicely." She accepts his hand and he holds it firmly. She lifts her night gown as she steps inside, the warm water welcoming her. She sits on him facing him, her legs bent neatly underneath her. He pulls her gown over her head and tosses it to the side carelessly. She shifts a bit until she feels him, he inhales deeply as she rocks herself on him. His breathing raises and he wraps his arms around her bare back. Sophia moves faster and moans under her breath. Unable to contain himself, he grabs her firmly, she doesn't dare to move as he's gasping for air. After his release he holds her in his arms, his breathing coming back to normal.

"You're driving me insane, " he whispers in her ear. Sophia gives him a tender kiss on his forehead and a peck on his lips. "I love you so much, " he says.

Sophia smiles. "I love you too."

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