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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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Sophia opens the door, her eyes swollen from the lack of sleep. "Hello?" she says unsure of the purpose of Mrs. Lancaster's visit.

"Hello love! I just got these from the post!" she says excitedly. Sophia's eyes brighten. "These are for you, and this one is for me." She hands her a small pack. Sophia accepts them confused. "They're from Adam!" says Mrs. Lancaster unable to hide her excitement. "The letters are directed to Mrs. Lancaster, the post boy didn't even bother with the addresses and gave them all to me." She looks at her letter lovingly, and Sophia wonders if that's the only letter she has ever received. "Okay well, I will leave you to it."

Sophia shut the door, her hands trembling with anticipation. She sits on the couch and reads though the envelopes, she furrows her eyebrows as she sees the dates on them, why is she receiving them now?

She opens one and it reads:

"My dearest Sophia, we have arrived at the hotel and as Mr. Harold gave us the tour of this spectacular hotel, I couldn't help but wish you were here by my side. I should've taken you with me. You would have liked this hotel, the beautiful carpeting and the art hanging from the walls are striking; you would've enjoyed them. My father went on his own way, to who knows where and I got stuck with Mr. Carson, the co-owner, who tried to give me an idea of what he wanted but no matter what I drew, he kept turning it down. I will have to wait until tomorrow to speak with Mr. Harold, he seems like he has a better idea of what they want. I miss you already. How are you doing? Alright I'm sure, I hope Lily makes good company. I will see you in a week and a half or so. I Love you, Adam"

Sophia's face lightens. She hurries with the second letter.

"My dearest Sophia, my father has decided that we will stay for a third week. We already have our sketches and designs, so for the remaining days, father wants me to "enjoy" New York. But I simply can't. You're not here and I can't find joy in anything. Everything is so bland without you, now I am really regretting not bringing you with me. What was I thinking! Hope you are doing well. Has mother come by to visit you? She said she would to keep you company. Have you been to your parent's house? I'm sure they miss you like crazy, like I miss you right now. Please write back, I want to hear how you are doing. I love you, Adam."

Attached was a flyer for the West Hotel. Sophia giggles as she opens the third one.

"My dearest Sophia, how are you, what are you doing, what did you do yesterday? I want to know everything. You haven't replied which makes me believe that you are doing very well. Maybe you're too busy with all those house parties you are hosting. My father has once again disappeared, except I already know where he disappears to. I am more alone than I thought I would be. Father prefers the company from poker players than of his own son, I can't blame him, all I have been doing is sit at the bar, keeping a close eye on father, just to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. Please reply, I will be waiting anxiously for your letter. I love you, Adam."

Sophia sighs sadly. She can't imagine Adam, the man that can make friends so easily, sitting at the bar watching over his father. She smiles though, she's happy he wasn't playing poker, not that he mentioned it, but she trusts that he wasn't.

The last letter reads:

"My dearest Sophia, I was wondering why you weren't replying to my letters, and turns out you never received them. My father asked the concierge to hold on to them, they never even made it to the post. My father and I had a small argument, so I have decided to come home, I will book a train ticket to Lakewood first thing in the morning. I see no reason for my stay. I am sorry it took me this long to come home. You shall expect me on the tenth of this

my secret is, get all the help from your mother in law, in fact let her plan everything and you just offer your house."

Valerie's eyes widen. "No! Mrs. Lancaster planned everything?"

"Yes, she did, she even brought the servants from her house to serve the hors d'eouvres. That's why I'm giving Lily the night off, she deserves it."

"What would you have done differently?" Valerie asks.

"Well, I would not be having this party at all. I guess I prefer to greet Adam by myself. Maybe cook him his favorite dinner, " Sophia looks down at her hands bashfully, she can't believe she just admitted it to her.

"Awe, you really like him, don't you?"

Sophia nods.

"How did you two meet?" Valerie asks.

"Well, we met a month before the wedding, our marriage was arranged."

Valerie's eyes widens in surprise. "Really? I did not know that! Was it love at first sight, then?"

Sophia shakes her head. "Not really, no. I had seen him around before and quite frankly, I never thought my father would consider him for me. We spoke a few times before the wedding. I suppose we both realized that we didn't really mind being in each other's companies, and well, you probably can guess the rest." Sophia's face still turned hot whenever she remembers Adam's declaration of love for her, in this very house, it was something she prefers to keep to herself.

"You know, my marriage was arranged as well, " Valerie says as they make their way out the kitchen.

"Really?" Sophia replies, even though she already knew.

"Yes, but it was more of a business contract for our father's. My father owns this ranch, not too far from here, and well the Mayor likes his fortune, and likes it more if it's it can increase significantly, so my father married me off to Daniel. He had to pay a big dowry, but he thought less of it as the Mayor started doing business with him, and well. . ." she pauses as they stop at the guest bedroom where her child was peacefully sleeping in his crib. "The rest is history."

Sophia nods not knowing what to say. She can't imagine what it would be like to just be sold off like that. Sure, her marriage had the means to increase both families' money, but the whole process didn't feel like a business agreement, and by Valerie's tone, Sophia knew that she won't be able to see it any other way.

"Oh, and Daniel sends his regrets, " Valerie says, her mood changing drastically. "He had some prior engagement."

Sophia smiles, "Oh."

Truth is, she was really enjoying Valerie's company, that Daniel didn't cross her mind at all.

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