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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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Adam enters the bar room and finds his father yet again, at the same table, with the same men, playing cards. He orders a drink and as he waits patiently, he rubs his sleepy eyes. He's supposed to be on his way home, in fact, he was supposed to be back with his wife, two days ago. What was supposed to be a two week trip, has now turned to a three week holiday, and Adam wasn't exactly enjoying himself.

The hotel was grand and spectacular, which made him a bit excited, though it would be quite a lot for his father and him, he couldn't wait to take his plans and sketches back to the shop and start to work on the extravagantly rugged furniture. Technically, their job was done in a week, but since it had been too long since either of them had been in New York, his father requested they stayed a few extra days, they deserved it, he had said. But instead of spending it exploring New York, or attending the theatre, they were spent at the top floor of the West Hotel, in the bar room.

His father has always been a gambler, and quite a drinker as well. Adam disliked putting his fortune at risk, so he avoids it at all cost. It was very difficult to get his father away from the cards once he was deep in, so instead, Adam waits patiently at the bar, he doesn't dare to leave him alone.

"You seem a bit down, " comments the bartender as he sets his drink in front of him.

Adam looks up and attempts a smile. "Just tired."

Tired wasn't the right word.

"You know, " starts the bartender. "One of these girls will be more than happy to keep you company."

Adam looks around him, a few girls were walking around the gaming tables, giggling with some older men, others sitting on other men's laps looking on the game they played. Adam shakes his head, none of them were Sophia.

He stands decisively, his drink untouched and walks towards his father. He lays a hand on his shoulder firmly. "Father, " he whispers. "It's time to go."

Mr. Lancaster looks at him incredulously. "What time is it?"

"It's late enough, " he replies as he pulls his father's arm up supporting his weight.

"I have a game to finish, " he replies slurring his words.

"Come on Mr. Adam, your father is in good company, " says Mr. Carson, one of the hotel's owners, clearly sober.

Adam knew their intentions, he wasn't as na?ve as they thought. "You are drunk and you need to lay down, " he tells his father ignoring Mr. Carson. He manages to get him on his feet, his weight heavy on his shoulder.

"I was winning Adam, I had a full house, " Mr. Lancaster whispers loudly.

"I do not

't need to write to her, I don't write to your mother, why should you write to your wife."

"Why? Are you afraid I would tell her about your little encounters?"

"Adam, " he retorts. "You can't be checking in to your wife every time you get out of the house. You're the man of the house, not her little boy."

"I am not checking in!" Adam replies frustrated. "I promised her I would write to her and I wanted to hear back from her."

His father laughs boisterously. "Oh Adam, she's fine. She's probably happy you're gone." He reaches for the letters but Adam pulls them out of his reach.

"What do you mean she's happy I'm gone?"

"Adam, " he lays a hand on his shoulders trying to be encouraging. "Women sometimes get tired of, you know, doing their wifely duties, and they can use the break, and frankly so do we." He tries again to reach for the letters. Adam pulls away again. "You have to give me those now."

"They belong to me, " Adam replies flatly.

Mr. Lancaster looks thrown off by his response. "Adam, give them to me."

Adam shakes his head in disappointment. "Do not fret father. I won't tell her about your hookers, it's not appropriate for a lady to read such ghastly things." And with that he closes the door not caring for his father's answer.

He sits on his desk and pulls out a piece of paper with a sense of relief. He thought she was indifferent to his absence, and that's why he hadn't received any replies to his letters. He couldn't enjoy his stay because he hadn't heard from her.

He takes his pen and thinks for a second. Looking down at the three letters he tried to send her, he comes to a decision. With a sudden spark of excitement he starts writing.

He's coming home.

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