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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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"That was fast. I think you broke a record for the world's shortest marriage, " was Lucia's welcoming words as Sophia stands astounded to see her, what she thought was her shunned sister.

"Lucia get away from the door!" she hears her mother's retort from somewhere inside.

Sophia makes her way inside avoiding her sister's stares. The last time she spoke to her was back at the nunnery and she was saying some really cruel things.

"Sophia! My happily married baby! Come here!" says Mrs. Willis as she wraps her arms around Sophia tightly. Sophia winces at her exclamation and fears how it made Lucia feel. "I was expecting you yesterday, why didn't you show up?"

"I wanted to do some cleaning, help Lily a bit, " she replies referring to her maid.

"Ah, clean you say?"

"Yes. It's a big house, it can be so much work for just one person."

Her mother nods, "You could always hire another maid."

"Yes, " Sophia replies. "I suppose I can."

"Don't be silly mother!" Lucia speaks from the open door. "Sophia loves the life of the common folk."

"I don't love it. I just don't see a problem with doing some housework." Sophia, unable to hold back for much longer she lastly asks turning to her sister. "When did you come back?"

Lucia sits on the couch with a smile. "A few weeks ago. They couldn't hold me at the nunnery, I was too much of a temptation for Father Louise."

Mrs. Willis gives Lucia a disapproving look but she ignores it.

Remembering what Adam had told her a few days back about finding her at a brothel, Sophia refrains from asking her any more questions.

"Lucia, sweetie, go make us a cup of tea, will you?" says their mother obviously trying to get rid of her. Lucia nods and smiles. Her smile disappearing when she thought she was no longer being watched.

"I can't believe that your husband would leave you on the lurch so soon after your wedding, " she comments as she takes a seat where Lucia once sat.

"He didn't leave me on the lurch, " Sophia couldn't help but defend her husband. "He had business to attend to."

Her mother smiles at her reply. "I'm so glad to see your marriage starting off right. Most arranged marriages have such a rocky start. You two seemed to have really liked each other from the beginning. I'm glad we got it right." She turns to look to the door thoughtfully. "I wish we had arranged your sister's. Maybe all these problems could've been avoided."

"Mom, " starts Sophia carefully. "What exactly happened with Lucia?"

Her mom sighs and turns to look at her with sorrowful eyes. "She was no longer welcomed at the convent. For reasons too terrible to mention. Your father and I were not told, so we assumed she was still there. A few weeks ago, a friend told your father that he saw her at a brothel, " she spits the word in disgust. "You father went to see if that was true, and there she was, laughing shamelessly with the men that surrounded her. It was disgusting. But we were forced to bring her back."

"Oh, " was all Sophia could say in reply. It was so apparent how much Lucia's situation pained her.

"You speak like I am the only one that has done mistakes, " Lucia's voice echoes through the library. "You are always taking about how ashamed of me you are. But what about Sophia huh?" Lucia slams the tray with the teapot on the desk. Her face red with anger. "She's always the immaculate daughter that you can't find any fault in. But when I told you about her running off in the dark to meet her lover, you ignore me and pretend I never said a word."

Mrs. Willis losing her temper stands firmly. "Stop slandering your sister this in

, neither of them knowing what to say. Sophia shifts in her seat uncomfortably. "So, " she starts. "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes."

Mrs. Lancaster turns to her surprised. "Don't you have a cook to make that announcement?"

"No, not really. We only have Lily."

She fans herself clearly confused by her reply. "I guess I can't expect more from my son. He's always preferred simple things."

Sophia nods not knowing what to reply.

"So, " Mrs. Lancaster says. "Have you heard from Adam?"


She rolls her eyes. "Like father like son. My husband has had countless business trips and I have received not a single letter. That's what you get from being such a good wife."

Sophia looks back at the cuckoo clock and wishes for this conversation to be over.

"Ever Since Adam was little, " continues Mrs. Lancaster. "He always looked up to his father. Always putting him on a pedestal. I am not sure why though, he's just a normal man with normal man issues, nothing special if you ask me."

"Well, don't children look up to their parents generally?" asks Sophia sweetly.

Mrs. Lancaster scoffs loudly. "There are better men out there that is all I am going to say."

Sophia nods.

"How old are you Sophia?" asks the lady watching her intently.


"Hm, you should hurry and have children, " comments Mrs. Lancaster. "You are not going to be young forever."

"Yes, well, we are waiting for a bit. At least until we're more. . ." Sophia pauses trying to think of the right word. "Stable."

"Stable? That's mad. You are already stable. With his money you are set to have children, as many as he wants. Don't wait for too long before he goes to others."

Sophia blinks unable to believe what she said. "Is it common?" she finds herself asking out loud.


"Well, for husbands to look for others."

Mrs. Lancaster shrugs, "It depends. If you give him what he wants, he might. If you don't give him what he wants, then he will." Seeing her daughter in law's face makes her realize that perhaps she is being too harsh on the poor girl. "But I tried to teach Adam to be respectful and loyal, but. . . " She looks out the window deep in thought. "Like father, like son."

Lily comes in to announce dinner. Mrs. Lancaster stands rapidly talking about something else. But Sophia couldn't hear her. Her thoughts on her mother in law's last words.

Like father, like son.

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