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   Chapter 21 NO.21

Through It All By madairifa Characters: 3372

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"Adam? What is the matter with you? You look like you're somewhere else."

Adam rubs his eyes as his father watches him in disapproval. "I am sorry. I am a little distracted."

"Well stop that. This is an important meeting, I need you to be at your best, and by arriving twenty minutes late, you almost ruined this for us."

"I'm sorry father. I will be at my best."

But truth is, he feels like he's only at his best with Sophia. He shakes his head trying to erase her image out of his head, even though he didn't want to. He needs to focus on the matter at hand.

"Sorry about that, we needed to clear our thoughts, " explains Mr. Lancaster Sr. as they join the two gentleman in the drawing room. "So, where were we?"

The blonde man with a mustache gives him a professional smile. "Well, as you see, we have a hotel in the city, and we are looking to remodel it completely, we need some basics, beds, night stands, chairs, nothing too extravagant."

"You see, " adds the second gentleman. "We co

. "We shall go this Friday, we will be prepared to exchange ideas."

The men stand on their feet, shake hands agreeing. After a short friendly chatter, and seeing them off, Adam decides to ask his father what he meant when he said "we".

"What do you mean?" he asks obliviously.

"Well, that means that I will have to go to New York, " he replies slowly


"And I will have to leave my house, and my wife?" Adam says carefully, fearing that he might sound weak, to men's standards.

"Well yes, " Mr. Lancaster replies coolly. "But only for a week or two, I am sure she'll do fine."

Adam nods. He knows she will do fine, but the question is, will he?

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