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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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Sophia's eyes flutter open and sees that she has woken up to an empty bed. She sits up slowly wincing as the soreness of her body reminds her of what transpired the night before. She runs her fingers through her hair with a smile on her face. She can't believe how foolish she was being for avoiding this for so long. So that was what they called making love, she thought, stifling a giggle.

"Good morning Mrs. Lancaster."

She turns to find Adam with a bright smile watching her lovingly. "I made you breakfast, " he comments as he walks inside with a tray of food that Sophia hadn't realized he was holding.

"You made me breakfast?" she asks in disbelief.

He shrugs. "More like I told Lily what to make but I am the one that is bringing it to you in bed like the lady of the house that you are." He sets the tray on her lap and sits on the bed facing her.

Sophia smiles. Her favorite, French toast, strawberries in cream and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. "What have I done to deserve this?"

Adam smiles shyly and caresses her leg over the covers. "I think you know."

This made Sophia blush and attempts to hide it by drinking her juice, everything seems so odd now, so different that Sophia couldn't stop smiling to herself. "Thank you, " she says after a moment. "For being so patient with me."

Adam watch

s protest for Sophia's lips were now kissing his neck, nibbling on his earlobe, something she had discovered the night before, it made him weak and she liked it.

With one swift motion, he lifts her by her hips and pulls her firmly against his body, she is now sitting on his lap, her breathing uneven as he starts kissing her neck, making his way down her breasts, in response she runs her fingers through his hair, messing up the neatness of it.

He stops and frames her face with his hands. Both breathing hard, he whispers, "What are you doing to me? What happened to the shy girl I met a month ago?"

Sophia smiles. "She fell in love with you, " she replies huskily.

His eyes seem to sparkle, he smiles largely, and making Sophia jump, he lifts her and lays her on her back and covers her with his body, kissing her desperately and whispers in her ear, "The meeting can wait."

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