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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Warning: Content may not be suitable for minors

Adam goes through different stages. At the stage of anger, he decides to go to Mona's thinking that perhaps he should get a mistress, his wife thought he had one, what difference would it make if he got one now? He enters the place he commonly attended with his friends before going to college, he knows the place very well. The smell of ash filled his nostrils, women in revealing outfits surrounded the men who were drinking and playing poker at the round tables. In the distance, behind a transparent red curtain, he sees his father enjoying a private dance.

Watching the shameless look on his father's face was enough to bring him to his senses. He turns towards the door rapidly deciding to talk things through with Sophia. In his rush, he fails to see a woman walking by and he bumps into her quite strongly. Adam starts to apologize when he sees who it is.

"Hello handsome, " says Lucia. "Trouble in paradise?"

"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at the Nunnery?"

Lucia laughs. "I was rejected. Apparently I'm too much for them. Father wouldn't take me back so here I am. Home, sweet home."

"Does Sophia know you're back?"

"Sophia? No, why would she?" She leans forward giving him a mischievous smile. "Are you looking for company?"

"No, I was just leaving, " he replies rapidly.

"Already? Come on, let me give you what my sister is not capable of giving you." Adam avoids her face and she laughs loudly. "I knew it would happen. Was she scared?"

The second stage, confusion. Adam turns to look at Lucia whose body was just as exquisite from five years ago. She was so tempting, so good looking, maybe he could just be with her for a few minutes, just enough to get his urges satisfied for the night.

"Sofia does not deserve you, " continues Lucia flirtingly, bringing herself closer to him. "I knew Sophia could not be able to satisfy your every need. Not like I can." Her face is inches away from his, he can smell the bitterness of the smoke that her skin released. Lucia holds his face and she kisses him. Adam, realizing what he was doing, pulls back, shoves Lucia to the side and the last stage he goes through is guilt.

He runs half way from Mona's to his house. Exhausted and breathless, he slows down into a walk. He feels like an idiot. Now he understands Sophia's concern. It didn't take much to be at Mona's with Lucia's arms around him. He starts to jog in a steady pace as he sees his house. He needs to speak to Sophia and he isn't about to hold anything back.

? ? ?

The minute he walks inside, he is welcomed by Sophia's arms around his neck.

"I am so sorry Adam. I shouldn't have doubted you, " she whispers.

Adam can feel the weight of Lucia's kiss in his conscious, so he pulls her off. Sophia watches him confused.

"I kissed your sister, " he blurts out.

Sophia steps back dazed. "What? But how?" she whispers shakily.

"I went to Mona's and there she was. She kissed me but I pulled away as fast as I could. Nothing else happened."

"I don't understand. Sophia's at St. Joseph's..." she trails off as she sees Adam shake his head lazily. "Oh." She turns giving Adam his back. "I appreciat

feels her hands around his back, slightly digging her nails on his skin, it drives him crazy.

"Are you alright?" he whispers softly as he watches her.

"Yes, " she replies breathlessly.

He takes a hold of her lips as he brings himself inside her, she lets out a painful gasp into his lips as he moves deeper. "I promise it won't hurt anymore, " he whispers.

In response, she pulls him in for a delicious kiss surprising him. Bringing an arm around her neck and the other behind her back, he continues in a slow pace not wanting to rush into it, not wanting it to end. Sophia gasps with every movement, with every low whimper he feels invigorated. She whimpers his name lowly, making him lose control.

"My darling Sophia, I love you with all my heart, " he whispers jaggedly. He faces her without stopping and kisses her again and again.

"Oh Adam, " she moans in between his kisses. "I love you so much." She lets out a loud gasp and holds on to the covers tightly as she's feeling so much ecstasy, she had never felt before.

Adam loses strength and collapses on top of her, both catching their breath. He moves from on top of her, pulling her with him, making her giggle in the process. With her head on his chest, her hand caressing his stomach, Adam felt like he could touch the sky. Not in his wildest dreams did he imagine it to be so pleasing, so beautiful.

"Do you hate me for making you wait for so long?" asks Sophia breaking the silence.

"I could never hate you."

She looks up at him, her expression undecipherable. "Does that mean you forgive me?"

He pulls a strand of hair behind her ear. "There is nothing to forgive, don't you understand how much I love you? I would've waited a year if I had to. In a way, I am glad you made me wait, it made all this so much more than I was expecting."

"Really? You're not disappointed?"

"Come here." He rolls on top of her making her laugh. "You are so beautiful, I can't believe my luck."

"But I..."

He brings his finger to his lips. "Hush my darling. Hush." He removes his fingers and replaces them with his lips, he wants to repeat everything all over again.

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