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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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The wedding was the biggest event in town. Busybodies wanted to see Lucia Willis in the Convent's uniform and longed for something, anything that would make Lucia lose her mind and confess her love for Adam. Others wished to see the immaculate Sophia dressed in pure white walking down the church's aisle. Women watched sadly, with tears on their eyes as the most desired bachelor was about to be a married man.

The church was so full that spectators burst out the door, just for a glimpse of the beautiful bride. The ceremony was as expected. Sophia, in her simple white dress and the white veil over her face, was by far the prettiest bride Lakewood has had in the last five years. Adam looked handsome in his black suit, making women sigh lovingly. The Pastor went on with the ceremony as loud as he could. The vows were said, the rings were exchanged, and at the end of it all, Sophia had at last, fulfilled her dream of marrying a gentleman.

The party took place at the new Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster's new home. They danced, they cut the cake and they danced some more. Late at night, around midnight, the guests were becoming less and less. The party was tiring and they all wanted to leave the newly wedded couple enjoy their first night together. That is when Sophia started to feel her nerves taking over her body. Her hands trembled, her rapid heartbeats made it difficult for her to breathe, several times as she walked the guests out to their carriages, she found herself bending over trying to get some air in her lungs.

In the master bedroom, Sophia stands in front of the mirror as Gilda strips her from her wedding gown. Usually done by the servant but she was busy cleaning up after the party. Gilda, as a farewell, volunteered.

"You have been married, right Gilda?" Sophia asks trying to distract herself.

"Yes, a long time ago, " Gilda replies as she holds the wedding dress in her hands studying its beauty.

"And were you nervous?"

"No. My marriage wasn't arranged, I married for love."

"Oh." Sophia takes a deep breath and faces Gilda.

"Do you need anything else?"

Sophia shakes her head and faces the colossal bed.

Gilda reaches for her hand and squeezes it. "You look beautiful."

Sophia smiles in reply. Gilda slips out the room quietly leaving Sophia with her own thoughts. She takes a deep breath but it hurt her chest. It is the time to accomplish her duty as a wife. She stares at the white bedspread, the white pillows, she reaches out at an attempt to unwind her mind, and she pulls on the covers making even the smallest crease disappear. She then turns back towards the mirror studying herself. Her nightgown, a gift from her mother, is just as white as the covers. It's thin fabric hugged her body in a way that makes her feel naked, the neckline is lower than she was used to, she contemplates changing into something that would make her feel more comfortabl

it frightened her.

As a result, three weeks after the wedding, they still had to consummate the marriage. Sophia felt like a coward. She had to do it in order to make the marriage valid, but how could she when she trembled every time he tried? He showed no sign of frustration or anger every time she moved away, which made her realize how hard he was really trying to keep to his promise. He was being a good husband. He had infinite amount of patience. She was being a horrible wife. What kind of wife won't let her own husband touch her?

Sophia turns to look at the clock against the wall. It was one in the morning and Adam had still not arrived home. His dinner turned cold and she was already falling asleep on the chair in the living room. This was unlike him. He was always on time, and even if he was a few minutes late, he usually sends a servant to let her know. But tonight, Sophia is standing on her tip toes expecting any news from him, and already fearing for the worse. What if Adam was now getting tired of her? What if he is out there, cruising through the streets of Lakewood, avoiding to come back home to his "boring" wife?

What if he found someone else who would give him what she is not? She shakes her head firmly, he would never do that. Would he? She brings her hands to her face and leans forward in her chair. What if he is like her sister has said? Maybe he was becoming desperate and going on the streets searching for someone to give him what she refused to give him. What if he got into an accident? What if his horse went mad and ran off into the woods getting him lost?

She sits up, breathing hard. He probably got held back at work. Maybe there was an urgent table that he had to make, that he didn't have any time to even send a message. She nods at herself. Yes, maybe that's it. She takes her post on the sofa under the candlelight, praying to God to bring her husband back home safe and sound.

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