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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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Mr. Lancaster chuckles in amazement. "So there is going to be a wedding?"

Adam nods. "Yes, sir."

"Well then. There's no need to dwell on it now. Go with your mother to get curated. You look awful."

? ? ?

Adam's face healed exceptionally well. His mother's herbs worked wonders. Adam runs his fingers to the now disappearing scab on his lips, his eye was no longer swollen and had still a night or two to turn back to its original color, just in time for his wedding. Adam rubs his sore fingers together having finished the work for the rest of the week. He worked hard and diligently during the week, so he could focus his strength and mind on the wedding preparations. The wedding is in two days, he realizes. In two days, he will be able to hold Sophia in his arms freely and peacefully. He will be able to touch her and kiss her. He rubs his head trying to push those thoughts away. He needed to give her time to forget Daniel, and he needed time to make her fall in love with him.

He smiles as he ponders the idea of kissing those pink, perfect lips. Who would have thought, that Adam Lancaster himself, would have to work for a woman's love? He rubs his hands together getting the dust off of them, when he hears the shop's door being open. When he looks up, he freezes in place.

"Hello, I hope I am not interrupting anything, " says Daniel.

Adam shakes his head. "No, not at all, please come in."



"You know exactly what I mean, " he interrupts. "I know it was with you with whom she used to sneak out into the night. You were foolish and let that be the end of it."

"Who do you think you are?" Daniel sneers. "You don't deserve to marry Sophia. She loves me and always will, can't you see that?"

"You were the one who ruined everything. You were already married, and you didn't have the decency to leave her alone." He takes a step forward looking down at Daniel, who suddenly feels like he is shortening in height. "You took advantage of her once and I won't let you do it again. And if you go out there and dirty Miss Sophia's reputation by repeating this "rumor", you won't see the end of it. Stay away from our lives."

Daniel steps back and searches for a reply, but fails to find one. He watches Adam's chest puffed up and his shoulders tensed with anger. He knows better than to provoke him, so he leaves without another word.

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