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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Sophia walks down the streets of Lakewood serenely. She is dreading her destination but she urges on. Her sister was sent to the St. Joseph's Convent with the hopes that she will reconcile with the Lord and stop her promiscuous behavior. By the time Sophia arrived after her walk with Adam, her sister was gone. She decides to cut through the forest and arrives to the convent, the huge building looking down at her intimidatingly.

She always thought St. Joseph's was such a gloomy place and the Nuns were ironically rude. Once she arrives and speaks with one of the Sisters, she waits for her in an empty room where she sat at the bench that seemed it was all the furniture it needed. She finds herself thinking about Adam as she looks down at the plain unappealing bench. She is brought back to that day they spent alone for the last time. She closes her eyes gently longing for his touch.

A nun appears opening the door as Lucia makes her way inside. She is wearing the kind of dress the novice nuns wear, except for the habit. Sophia can't help but realize how ordinary her sister looks.

"What do you want?" Lucia sneers.

"I just wanted to see how you were."

Lucia rolls her eyes. "I am fine, you may leave now."

Sophia feels hurt but she tries to ignore it. "Lucia, please..."

"What? You expect me to treat you well after you went out of your way to betray me?"

"Lucia, I did not..."

"Granted, I did the same to you but I had no idea you were capable of doing it. And when I told my father about your escapades, he didn't believe a word I said. You truly have our father eating out of the palm of your hand."

"Lucia, " Sophia says firmly. "I did not say a thing to my father. I tried, but he wouldn't listen to me."

Lucia laughs in disbelief. "If you didn't, then who did? Apart from you and I, Adam..." she pauses, her face expressionless as she comes to the realization. "Adam?"

Sophia nods. "He spoke with our father the day you left."

Lucia seems weak for the first time, and Sophia can't help but feel pity for her. "Alright. Then he is truly fond of you, isn't he?" Sophia doesn't reply. Lucia sits beside her and sighs. "Your wedding is fast approaching, isn't it?"

"It's this Saturday."

Lucia nods. "I don't think I have ever congratulated you." She looks her way and gives her a smile. "I should give you some advice since I have been married before."

"Alright, " Sophia replies unsure if she wants to hear it.

Lucia straightens. "The night you get married, he is going to want to consummate the marriage."

Sophia shifts in her seat uncomfortably.

Lucia continues, "I am telling you as your big sister and I think you should really know this before you go down that path completely blind. If he wants to consummate, he will do it. It doesn't matter if you are ready or not, he will do it. He will force you if you refuse."

"Lucia I'd prefer if..."

"Listen Sophie, I care about you that is why I am warning you. Men are be

t surrender and forget about the wedding and his marriage. But she is not about to do something she was going to regret again. She pushes him off with as much strength she could gather.

"Why are you doing this?" she begs.

"Because I want you. Why do you insist on wasting away the only chance we have on being happy?"

Sophia can hear he's hurt but she doesn't let that take control of her actions. "We never had a chance of happiness because you were already married." She touches her head as it's starting to hurt. "Why didn't you just ignore me like everyone else did at the ball?"

"Because it was impossible. I wasn't blind like everyone else was." He reaches for her face again but she pulls away in time.

"Daniel please let us move on. There's nothing we can do now. You have a child to care for and I'm getting married in two days, we made wonderful memories together and that is how we should leave it. Don't make this harder than it already is."

Daniel nods thoughtfully. "I'm not going to give up on you, you know that? I am not going to let you be unhappy with Adam, not after what he did to Lucia."

"Mr. Lancaster did not hurt Lucia. He is a gentleman who treats me well."

"But he slept with her! You still want to marry him? Let me make you happy, I won't hurt you, I will love you like you've never been loved."

"Why do you keep refusing to move on? Let me make my own life just like you did yours. Please Daniel, don't hurt me anymore."

He looks taken aback. He wasn't hurting her, he wanted to make her happy. As she stands in front of him looking so beautiful, he decides to take matters into his own hands. What was he thinking? He knows she is too sensitive to do anything, she is incapable to cancel the wedding.

"Alright, " he starts. "Forgive me. I shouldn't have insisted."

As Sophia watches him walking back out towards the streets, she lets out a sharp breath allowing her body to relax. This was difficult but she is glad it was done.

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