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Adam found it impossible to stand. His head went spinning whenever he tried. His body ached with every movement he made. He could feel the warmth of his eye as it started to swell. He spit more blood leaving a metallic taste behind. At last, he got up on his feet slowly. He flinched as a piercing pain made his way down his back. He had no idea Mr. Willis was so aggressive, he had heard a rifle being shot but he presumed there were men hunting birds, until he saw Sophia, breathless and scared as she appeared on the door way. He walked towards a mirror wanting to know if it was too noticeable that he had just been beaten. It was. His left eye was turning purple and his cheek was swollen. A few scrapes appeared on his forehead, not knowing how they had occurred. His shirt was stained with the blood from his slashed lip.

He walked slowly towards the house. As he walked through the dirt road between the house and the shop, he could hear people murmuring and repeating the ordeal. He knew rumors would probably reach his parents before they even arrived. He walked inside towards the living room. He laid down as his head started to pounce. He had to clear things up. He had to tell him the whole truth. But he didn't know if he could present himself at the Willis' residence. Mr. Willis sounded very serious about his unspoken threat.

"Adam?" He heard Martha desperate tone. "What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything, " he replied as he shielded his eyes from the sunlight.

"Why, then, was Mr. Willis furiously holding his rifle dragging his poor daughter through town? Is it true that you hurt Miss Willis?"

"No, I didn't. It was just a misunderstanding." He stood slowly not wanting to feel the intolerable pain. "Can you get water ready for me? I need a cold bath."

"I heard that you forced Miss Sophia Willis. And that if it wasn't for Miss Willis, her father would have killed you."

"I didn't force anybody, I haven't done a thing to Miss Willis! Don't believe everything you hear Martha!"

She watched him not believing a single word, and Adam really needed that bath.

"Martha, " he started calmly. "Trust me, there has been a misunderstanding. In fact, I'll go to Mr. Willis' first thing in the morning to clarify it all."

"You are planning to see him? Look what he did to you."

Adam shook his head. "I owe Mr. Willis an explanation."

? ? ?

On his way to see Mr. Willis, he felt all the town's stares, either accusatory or alarmed. He tried ignoring the gossiping as he made his way to the front gate, but the whispers were too much. It seemed that the whole town witnessed the unfortunate event.

He wore his best clothes at the attempt to appear as presentable as possible. He exhaled sharply and knocked on the door twice. One of the servants responded, her eyes widened at the sight of him. The skin surrounding his eye became almost black, his cheek was as swollen as it could get and a dark scab covered half his lips, hurting him every time he spoke. He asked for Mr. Willis and as if ordered, she didn't ask him inside. But he didn't mind.

He stepped down and stood firmly on the ground. As he waited, his legs started to weaken. He hadn't been so nervous in his life. He looked around him. A group of spectators was starting to form, as if they were hungry for more. Women held their children tightly beside them, men watched curiously. They were probably wondering what Adam was thinking as he waited outside the Willis' house.

After what seemed hours, the door was opened, an angry Mr. Willis walked out firmly. The crowd hurriedly went back to their business, after seeing Mr. Willis with such rage, they didn't want to aggravate him. Adam didn't allow Mr. Willis' stance to intimidate him.

"I need to speak to you concerning Miss Willis."

He crossed his arms as he gazed down at him. "Are you going to deny it all?" he replied coldly.

Adam shook his head. "I am not." Mr. Willis straightened at his reply. "Five years ago, Miss Lucia Willis and I were involved at one time, but I swear that it wasn't against her will."

"What are you trying to say?"

Adam sighed deeply, he was entering dangerous ground. "What Miss Willis and I did, we did it with mutual consent."

"Are you trying to say that Lucia would give herself just like that?"

"I know it's difficult to hear but it's true. I wouldn't dare to hurt a woman, and less any of your daughters. They are respectable women and I treat them as such. What happened with your daughter was in a time of weakness from both of our parts. Please accept my apologies, " he finished.

Adam could see Mr. Willis' shoulders sag. And something told him, that Mr. Willis wasn't surprised. He uncrossed his arms and shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"Very well then. I apologize for the incident yesterday, " he said ashamedly.

It took Adam by surprise. "I would've done the same thing

im timidly and looks down at the floor. "Mr. Lancaster, I..."

"I know your feelings are directed towards someone else, and I know it won't be easy to forget him." He interrupts as he sees her struggle with a reply. She walks towards the window slowly. He follows close behind her as he continues, "But that doesn't change the way I feel about you in the slightest." He reaches to touch her arm but he hesitates for a second. He doesn't want to ruin things by making her uncomfortable, but having her so close drives him insane. He needs to feel her skin. As he runs his fingers down her arm softly, he feels her tremble weakly and that just makes his feeling stronger, he turns her gently but she refuses to look at him, he searches for her face. "And I promise that I will treat with the outmost respect. I promise that I will do my best to make you happy. I promise I won't hurt you."

At last, her eyes meet his. "I... I can't tell you that I feel the same way. But with time, with just a little bit of time, that could change."

Adam nods. "And I will give you that time. As much time as you need."

"You will hate me."

Adam can't believe she would think this way. He places one hand on her tender swollen cheek. "I would never hate you. You met a man that promised you the world, and he disappointed you. If I must hate anyone, it is him."

"I ruined your friendship with him, didn't I?" she replies gloomily.

Adam shakes his head. "No. You did not, he ruined it himself. He ruined it by tricking a beautiful girl into thinking that he loved her. He knew exactly what he was doing, and I lost complete respect for him. It is not you to blame, it is him."

She becomes quiet as he traces her injured cheek softly, slowly. She closes her eyes gently. He realizes, surprising himself, that he wants her more than he ever wanted a woman before. She opens them slowly and as they lock eyes, this overwhelming wish to kiss her beautiful lips takes a hold of his thoughts.

"Thank you, " she whispers as if his stating the fact that she wasn't guilty of Daniel's lies, made her breathe a little easier. Tears start forming in her eyes and that is when he realizes that the guilt of her sprees with Daniel is very heavy in her heart. He can't imagine how much pain it was causing her the lies from a deceitful man. He can't imagine how she must be feeling knowing that she was a married man's affair.

Without thinking twice about it, he pulls her in an embrace. He wraps his arms around her wanting to erase all that pain. He hears her take a painful sigh and tightens her grip around him. If he could take all that pain away, he would. He definitely would.

? ? ?

When he walks her back to her house, Sophia turns to look at him tenderly.

"Again, I am terribly sorry for what happened, " she says.

Adam smiles, but doesn't reply. He is dreading the moment she will walk back inside her house. She surprises him by reaching out tracing the injuries on his face.

"I hope they heal soon, " she says as she pulls her hand away. "Before our wedding day, " she adds and gives him a teasing smile as she walks towards the door. Adam stands where she left him tacitly. He slowly turns down the street pondering his next great adventure, earning Sophia's love.

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