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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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Her father was livid.

He paces through the house angrily, entering every room, slamming every door, as if he was searching for something. His loud stomps and the crashing of the doors as he opened them, made Sophia come out of her room, interrupting her daily sowing. Her father's face turned red with fury, his eyes full of hatred as he opens the armoire down the hall.

"What's happening father?" she asks as she slowly walks towards him but he doesn't hear her, instead, he pulls a rifle from the armoire, making Sophia tremble in fear.

From downstairs, she could hear her mother's consoling words. Sophia walks down the stairs and finds Lucia crying into her mother's arms. What happened to Lucia? Did someone hurt her? Her father rushes down the stairs heavily as he murmurs angrily to himself.

Her mother stands rapidly leaving Lucia crying alone. "Derek, please try to calm down, " she begs but he dismisses her. Sophia sees her father charging his rifle, she gasps. "Don't do anything you might regret, please, give me the gun, " her mother says fearfully.

At last, Mr. Willis turns to Sophia. "You are not marrying that coward, " he says firmly, making her heart stop. She turns to look at Lucia who was still crying, that's when she realizes she is faking it. Tears weren't coming out and her cries were too loud. What did she do?

"Father, what's happening?" she asks anxiously.

"He is a coward who doesn't know how to respect my daughters, " he replies but mainly to himself, he opens the front door and walks out angrily. "And to think I was going to let him marry my daughter, that bastard, " he grumbles under his breath.

Sophia lifts her skirt as she runs after him. "Father please, tell me what's going on, " she begs as she tries to pulls his arm.

He turns abruptly. "Get back home, Sophia, " he orders.

"Just tell me what he did, " she says rapidly.

He looks down at the ground then at her. "That bastard took advantage of your sister."

Sophia can't believe her sister had said such a lie. "No father, that's not true, " she tries to explain but she can't keep up with him.

The second her father sees the Lancaster house, he shoots the rifle into the air, making the people around him scurry for safety. "Come out you coward!" he yells.

Sophia sees that the house is empty. She then remembers that Adam's parents weren't in town, she comes to the conclusion that Adam is at the carpentry. But before her father can come to the same realization, she runs towards the corner of the street heading towards the street behind it where the shop is located.

Her hands are getting tired from holding on to her dress so tightly to facilitate her movements, her feet are hurting from her foot wear, but she keeps running as fast as she can. The run seems eternal but when she sees the Lancaster's carpentry sign, she feels her heart race.

"Oh God, " she whispers as she speeds up.

She rushes to the door as she screams his name. Adam appears from the back door, he sees her blushed cheeks and her rapid breathing. Alarmed, he runs towards her holding her arms strongly.

"Mr. Lancaster, " she says between breaths. "My father thinks you took advantage of Lucia. He has his rifle and he's looking for you. You must leave, " she says rapidly not wanting to waste any more time.

"What? Why does he think such a thing?" Adam says fearfully.

"Lucia told him, " she says then she hears her father's angry voice. "You must leave immediately, " she says desperately, but her father is already through the door.

"Don't you dare touch her, " he yells as he grabs Sophia by the arm and pulls her away.

"Father please don't hurt him..."

"Go home at once, " he screams not allowing her to finish. He grabs his rifle and hits Adam across the face making him crash against a table and down to the ground.

"No, stop!" Sophia sc

ouldn't sleep at all that night, thoughts of the cancelled wedding made it impossible. She sits on her bed looking out the window, the quiet town of Lakewood slowly coming back to life. Adam probably hates her. Her father acted like such a brute, why wouldn't he hate her? How will they react if they saw each other around in the village? She takes a deep breath fighting back tears, she first lost Daniel who lied to her mercilessly; now Adam, who gave her a glimmer of hope that she could forget Daniel and perhaps start all over again. Now what will she do? Her father will search another suitor, then the whole process will be repeated. She exhales wearily, she was exhausted by this arrangement, and she doesn't know if she can stand another one.

She hears a knock and after it, her father spoke. "Sophia, may I come in?"

She didn't want him to come in, she doesn't want to see him ever again. "Yes, you may, " she replies but she doesn't dare to look at him. Instead she stays where she is at allowing the wind to slightly play with her long hair.

He sits by her side, making the bed shake. "Sophia, I want to apologize." She doesn't answer. "I know I overreacted, and I am very sorry, I should've listened to you."

At that she turns to see him, did she hear him correctly?

"I was very unfair to him. I should've listened to the whole story before making any rash decisions."

Sophia furrows her eyebrows and wonders if Lucia did do the right thing after all.

Her father continues, "Mr. Adam Lancaster is very fond of you."

"Is he?" she asks in disbelief.

He nods. "Why else would he come even after what I did to him, if not because he really cared about you."

"He came?" she asks in shock.

"He is waiting for you outside."

"What about Lucia?"

He exhales sharply. "Don't worry about her, she'll be fine."

"Will she be punished?" she asks feebly. It doesn't matter what kind of person her sister is, Sophia still loves her.

"Yes, she will be punished. I should have been stricter with her. I could see her flirtatious attitude since an early age; I should have stopped her as soon as I noticed it."

"You can't be so hard on yourself, she has always been good at disguising her intentions."

Her father watches her caringly. "You are a good daughter; I don't deserve you." He touches her now healing cheek. "Do you forgive me?"

Sophia nods. Yes, he acted in an impulse and very violently. Yes, she was angry at him. But he was human and a father. She couldn't possibly guess how else she would have acted if she was in his position.

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