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   Chapter 11 NO.11

Through It All By madairifa Characters: 5848

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Adam steps back as he studies the dining table. His father left to New York, leaving Adam in charge of the shop. The shop he will inherit once his father retires, and he made sure to let his father know that the shop was going to be in good hands. He groans as his rugged hands start hurting. He still had to finish carving the figurines on the table's legs and dress the surface but other than that, he would be finish with this week's orders. He looks around him satisfied with himself, two sets of dining rooms and bedroom furniture were done and not to mention the furniture for his own future home. He had the house under construction and the already finished furniture was waiting to be positioned at the shop's storage room. He had visited the site earlier that morning and everything was going as smoothly as expected. The house needed the roof and basic accommodations, but he was positive that it will all be ready for the wedding, which is just a few weeks away.

At the thought of the wedding approaching rapidly, he feels like his lungs can no longer take in anymore air. He is nervous, he admits. Not for the wedding, but for his life with Sophia. How will it be? Will they be able to live together without any challenges?

A knock on the door distracts him from his thoughts, he sees her in a yellow dress taking his breath away. His eyes automatically searches for her left hand, and he smiles as he spots the diamond ring.

"I hope I am not disturbing, " she says.

Adam wipes his hands on a wet piece of cloth hanging from his belt hoping for the pain in his hands to subside. "Not at all, please come in." He walks towards her and catches a glimpse of himself in a dressing table, he feels a bit embarrassed as he sees himself

ing chair behind them. She runs her fingers down the back of the chair.

"Thank you, I did in fact constructed it myself, " he says proudly as he runs his fingers over its soft back. "It took a whole month to complete it."

"Amazing. It's a beautiful piece, worth all the time you put into it."

As he runs his hands on the chair, their fingers slightly touch, his fingertips on hers. Neither of them pull away. Her skin was soft on his rugged skin, making him feel things he hasn't felt before. He doesn't move, he fears that the great feeling of his skin touching hers will be interrupted changing his life altogether.

She then turns away shyly as if she knew what he was feeling. "I won't take more of your time."

Adam accompanies her to the door, she curtsies gently. "Thank you again, for the ring, and..." she looks around her timidly when her green eyes land on his, she smiles. "And for everything."

"Anytime, " he replies as she walks out taking slow peaceful steps. Adam looks after her until she disappears behind the busy crowds of Lakewood. He takes a long deep breath, he hadn't noticed he had been holding his breath all this time.


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