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   Chapter 10 NO.10

Through It All By madairifa Characters: 4383

Updated: 2018-01-12 11:36

"It's here!"

Sophia is sitting on her bed reading her favorite book when her mother runs inside with a big shriek. "Sophia, your engagement ring has come, " she announces delightedly.

"Here open it, open it, " she urges as she hands her the black velvety box with a letter tied around it. She starts opening the box but her mother holds her hand. "Start with the letter, it makes this moment so much more special."

Sophia does as she's told. She lays the box on her bed and unseals the letter.

"My dearest Miss Willis, " she starts reading it out loud. "Along with this letter, there is a box where you will find my promise to you." She pauses, trying to imagine his voice. "I have been thinking of my future, and the plans I had before I met you, and only to realize that my plans are nothing if you are not included in them. And with this engagement ring, I promise that you will always be included in my future plans. I will respect you and cherish you. And I couldn't be happier to call you my wife. Yours truly, Adam Lancaster."

Sophia looks at his hand writing and it was like she could see him writing this in his study. His gentle hands holding the pen, his broad shoulders moving up and down with his breathing, his handsome face focusing on the task at hand.

"Awe, now there is boy who k

ol and I will hurt you, you hear?"

Lucia smiles mischievously. "What do you fear? That he will crawl back to me after finding out to what a bore he married?"

"Stay away from him, " Sophia replies.

Lucia pulls away as the smile fades from her face. "No matter what you say, he will always be thinking of me. We both lost our virtue to each other, and trust me, that will never be erased."

She leaves a trail of doubt as Lucia exits the room. It couldn't be. Certainly Adam wouldn't be interested in someone like Lucia. He was perhaps eighteen or seventeen. Sure, Adam has always been a flirtatious man, but her sister was also flirtatious, always has been, then it only made sense that they would end up in a room together. Sophia can't stand the uncertainty of this situation, so without a word to any one, she walks out of the house with a single goal in mind.

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