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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Adam feels perplexed and irritated. So that was what Lucia was speaking of? She used to sneak out with Daniel. Daniel? He never thought of him actually courting her, not only because he was married, but because he didn't seem the kind that would be so interested with a lady like Sophia. Sure, he was extremely moved by her back then, but Adam always thought it was a phase.

He shakes his head, but, he now knows Miss Sophia could not be just a phase. She was so brave admitting to something like that, with the risk of being demeaned. He could still feel her warm body shaking as she cried. He turns to look up at the stairs wondering what was taking her so long. She needed protection. She was young and someone needed to be with her and advise her about men. When she became available to be wed, her mother or chaperone could have warned her that now that the society knew she was age appropriate, that men would come and try to take advantage of her. He smiles to himself, now it was up to him to protect his soon to be wife, to be by her side and if anybody wanted to hurt her, he would be there like a shield against any harm.

Sophia appears from upstairs her red cheeks and tearful eyes makes him hold his breath. She makes her way down rapidly, minutes later, Daniel walks down after her with an anguished face. Sophia approaches Adam hurriedly.

"Pardon me for the delay, " she whispers. Adam looks at her then at Daniel whose eyes never left Sophia. "Is he walking this way?" she asks afraid to see it herself.

"Did he bother you?" Adam asks feeling the anger rising from his chest.

"No, well, we spoke and ..."she pauses and holds his arm alarmed. "He is walking this way, isn't he?"

Adam, unable to hide his unease, pulls her behind him putting himself between Sophia and Daniel. "Daniel, " he stretches his arms and gives him a quick embrace. "My friend, I thought you were a

ey are going to have. Not to mention the children they might have. Shouldn't he start his duty as soon as possible? Shouldn't he start providing for her?

He takes his napkin and a pen from his jacket. He starts doodling on it fervently as he gets the exciting feeling for what is to come.

"What are you drawing?" he hears Sophia ask curiously.

Adam grabs his finished work and tucks it in his pocket. "Nothing really. Just a doodle."

"Just a doodle? May I see your doodle?" she asks teasingly.

Adam shakes his head. "I can't show you. It will ruin the surprise."

Sophia raises her eyebrows. "Surprise you say, well I won't insist anymore."

"It would be for the best."

Sophia lets out a giggle making Adam smile. After seeing her crying so miserably, her laugh made him feel relieved that she was now happy.

For the rest of the evening, he danced with half the women of Lakewood, but his thoughts came back to the drawing on that napkin. His future home sketched clumsily in a piece of paper. He knew the perfect spot where to build it, the terrain was good and if he hired the right contractors, the house would be finished right before the wedding. He smiles to himself. Definitely, marrying Sophia is going to be an adventure on its own.

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