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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Sophia sits miserably on the floor. She doesn't deserve the commodity that a chair offered. What was she thinking? Why did she expect to see Daniel and not feel anything at all? She felt like her breath was sucked out of her the second she laid eyes on him.

There she was, Daniel on one side and her fiancée on the other, she felt so dirty standing beside them. Adam has been so nice with her; it was so unfair to hide such thing from him. She stands up decidedly and shakes the wrinkles from her dress. She takes a good look at herself in the mirror. She is a mess, her eyes are swollen and her nose's red, but she refuses to even hide her crying face, why hide what she feels when she is about to burst with emotions?

She will confess everything. She will tell him everything, she will hold nothing back. She knows she's risking what seemed like a promising engagement, but Adam has been so good to her, he doesn't deserve any of this deceit.

She opens the door but she stops, he is going to hate her, and he will definitely terminate the arrangement. And if that wasn't enough, he could tell her father, and he will hate her. He will no longer love her because her daughter turned out to be a whore. Tears start to form as she brings her hand to her head, why was everything so difficult? She wipes her tears with the back of her hand. No, she is going to tell him everything; she can't start a marriage with a lie. No matter what happens after this, his hatred, her father disowning her. They could send her away where she can hide her shame and not burden her family with her stupid mistakes.

? ? ?

When she forces herself downstairs, she comes to a sudden halt when she sees Adam waiting for her at the other side. He meets her eyes and she holds her breath. Adam is going to hate her, and she's not prepared for it. She accepts his extended hand and he helps her down the las steps, Sophia struggles to breathe; her heart feels heavy on her chest.

"How are you feeling, Miss Willis?" he whispers as they walk across the dance floor.

"I need to speak to you..." Sophia starts but she is then interrupted with a sudden round of applause, she looks around bafflingly. Everyone present stopped dancing and applauded in unison as they saw the couple making their way through, assuming they were going to dance. She smiles shyly, she isn't used to so much attention.

Adam chuckles. "We might as well give them what they want." He holds her hand as his other hand makes his way around her waist.

She wants to refuse, she wants to get everything out of her chest, the sooner the better, but she knows the guests wouldn't be too pleased, so she smiles and places her hand on his shoulder. The music resumes and they start dancing rhythmically. And everyone else follows.

"What do you want to tell me?" Adam asks after a moment.

"Umm, " she's caught off guard, she didn't think he had heard her. "Nothing, really, " she replies regretting it

man in town, if they were to find out something like that about their future wives, they would shun these women from society, locking them in a nunnery. Or perhaps, it was the fact that she clarified that she was still intact that made him so composed; it was unbelievable how he trusted her instantly when she clarified this. She smiles at herself in the mirror, perhaps, marrying Mr. Adam Lancaster won't be as bad as she thinks.

She unlocks the door slowly and when she tries to walk out, someone pushes her back inside. Sophia is disoriented at first but when she sees who it is, her heart starts to race.

"What do you think you are doing?" she reproaches. He doesn't turn right away, as if he is thinking of what to do next. At no reply from him, she steps forward, with a sudden feeling of courage that she didn't know she had. "Daniel?" He turns startling her. "Daniel, let me..."

"I can't believe you are going to marry him, " he interrupts abruptly.

"I..." she tries to explain that she had no other choice but his eyes made her stop. He looked so furious and yet miserable.

He rushes and holds her face. "Him? You are going to marry Adam Lancaster? Why would you do that? You know he is flirtatious, don't you?"

She takes a step back releasing herself from his hands. "I have no other choice..."

"What happened to the love you said you had for me?"


He holds her tightly against him. "You still love me, don't you? Because I still love you."

"You are married..."

"Yes but she means nothing to me, not like you."

"She is carrying your child." She pulls away and starts towards the door, but he pulls her arm violently, making her turn fearfully.

He stops as he realizes what he is doing and let's go embarrassedly. "Your love couldn't have just vanished in thin air."

"It did, when you lied to me." She feels the pain on her arm and with the strength that perhaps Adam gave her, she walks out leaving Daniel alone.

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