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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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The Ball began with the splendor the Willis family so excitedly displayed for their youngest daughter's engagement party. The husbands danced with their wives, the servants walked along the wall with platters containing various kinds of drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

"So, Miss Sophia Lancaster is your betrothed. I certainly was not expecting that. I wonder why they didn't offer you to her sister, " Daniel comments as he takes a swig from his champagne.

Adam turns to watch Sophia as she stands by her mother's side, who is so avidly speaking to her, probably about the weeding details. "Oh I don't know, " he replied. "Perhaps because she's been married twice?"

Daniel chuckles. "Come on, it was only two weddings, and they both went to hell is what I've heard. Don't deny that you much prefer to marry Lucia rather than her little sister."

Adam blinks in confusion. "Wait a minute, if I recall correctly, you were quite smitten with her little sister last Christmas."

"Was I? I can't quite remember. I was probably lonely. My wife was away last Christmas remember? I was definitely lonely."

Adam nods unsure if to believe him or not. Daniel was a newlywed, but that didn't quite erase the fact that he loved women. "So you don't remember dancing the whole night with her? People started talking, you know."

Daniel waves his hand dismissively. "The hell with people."

Adam laughs at his friend's unconcerned manner. A short, stout man surrounded by two tall and seemingly strong men, walk towards them, Adam runs his fingers through his hair hoping he looks presentable enough.

"Ah! Mr. Lancaster, Congratulations!" the man says a bit too enthusiastic.

"Mayor Smith, I am so honored you're here, " he replies as he shakes his cold, sweaty hand.

"I was not going to miss such a celebration, I know you since you were a child. You two used to play by the lake collecting tadpoles, " he says as he lays a comforting hand on Daniel's shoulder, Daniel smiles hesitantly as he feels as if his shoulder will dislocate at any moment.

"Well, I'm still grateful you could attend, I heard you've been quite busy with a few affairs in New York."

"Yes, but that is no excuse to miss your engagement party, it's quite a big step you're making there, young man. And what a beautiful young lady you have come to obtain, she's quite a beauty."

Adam nods and to his surprise he replies, "Yes. That she is."

"Speaking of which, I haven't had a chance to congratulate her yet, will you excuse me." Mayor Smith shakes Adam's hand one last time and with his two bodyguards close behind him, he makes his way towards the other end of the ballroom where he finds her listening still to her mother's every word.

"He's more irritable now that he became the Mayor of Lakewood, " Daniel says as soon as his father leaves.

Adam just chuckles, his eyes fixed on Sophia. The Mayor greets Mrs. Willis with a kiss on her hand. He then pulls Sophia in for a hug, Sophia's face says it all. Her eyes widened as if she does not quite know if to embrace him back or pull away, her confusion written very clearly all over her face.

"You don't think it's all a mistake, do you?" Adam finds himself asking.

"What's a mistake?" Daniel replies now putting muc

ll Adam, I must bid you adieu, my father called for a meeting and as his personal assistant, I am forced to attend."

Adam nods. "Of course, thank you for coming."

"Thank you for inviting me, congratulations again, I sure wish I could stay longer, the party is so much fun." Daniel raises his top hat. "Miss Willis, have a pleasant evening."

Sophia straightens as if finding some courage. "Thank you Mr. Smith, have a safe journey."

Daniel nods and excuses himself.

Adam turns to Sophia and sees that she's struggling to stay on her feet, she stumbles back and he hurries to catch her. "Miss Willis?" he asks panicking. He wraps his arm around her waist and walks her back to the bench.

Sophia smiles hazily. "I'm fine, " she says out of breath. "I felt woozy for a second there."

"Do you need anything?"

"No, I just need to breathe."

Adam watches her intently worried that she might be ill, he doesn't let go for she looks weak and as if she will faint at any second. "You alright?"

She rubs her eyes and turns to him shyly, her eyes red and puffy. "I just need to lie down. Would you mind if I went to the drawing room for a few minutes?"

Adam helps her to her feet. "I'll walk you."

"No, that's not necessary. I'll be fine" She replies as she makes her way back to the ballroom. He walks her to the servant's hall and she turns. "I'll be out in a minute. Please do return to the ball, it's in our honor, it would be rude if neither of us are present."

Adam keeps watching her not wanting to leave her side.

She lets out a laugh. "I'm fine, I promise. It's the excitement of the evening, it's taking a toll on me, that's all."

"Are you sure you don't want me to go with you?"

"Yes I am sure. Now go back to our party, I'm sure they're missing your presence."

Adam finally gives in, he opens the door for herand she gives him and assuring smile. Hesighs in relief when she's able to go up the stairs effortlessly. What made herill so suddenly? He was no fool, he knew Daniel had something to do with it.The way he looked at her and addressed her was very suspicious. What could haveDaniel done that made her loose her composure?

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