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   Chapter 6 NO.6

Through It All By madairifa Characters: 4159

Updated: 2018-01-12 11:33

The night is unseasonable warm, almost as if the universe knew of the celebration happening down below. From her balcony, Sophia watches as the guests start to arrive. The ladies are wearing their best dresses and their best jewelry, as if trying to showcase their riches. Sophia takes a deep breath, everyone is looking forward to this celebration, but Sophia is dreading it. She is dressed in her white dress and her hair was immaculate, all she is waiting for is for Gilda to announce that she could go down stairs to the ballroom.

She has to face it, she is nervous. She surely wants to be wed. She wants to marry a man that would love her and respect her. Someone to raise a loving family with. But she had always imagined that Daniel would be that man. There it was again, his name inside her head, like an insect that refused to leave her alone. She is so angry at Daniel that just like a bug, she wanted to smack it. But she knows she was the one to blame. She was the one who fell for him, she was too weak to walk away from his charming smile. Why couldn't she have been strong and refuse to meet with him that first night? She knew it was wrong yet she did it, and that would be something she will regret her whole life.

? ??? ?

to say..." He skims through the guests slowly, everyone watches him attentively, anticipating his words. Then something strange occurs. His eyes land on Sophia and she feels her heart stop, she can tell he's struggling, he's having second thoughts and she cannot allow that. She gives him a slight nod that only he notices. He smiles then turns towards the audience. "I just want to say how grateful I am to Mr. Willis, it is a pleasure for me to marry your beautiful daughter. Thank you."

The audience cheers in unison, her father stands and gives Adam a hardy handshake. He starts making a toast but Sophia is too stunned to even listen to his father's words. Does Adam know that there is no turning back? She sees him and he smiles and nods her way raising his glass, then she knows that he knew exactly what he was doing.

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