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   Chapter 34 The Wedding Night

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 10922

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December, Senor Francisco had four children. And they were all in Mexico. He had heard rumors that President Juarez won a battle against the French regaining control over Sinaloa. Senor Francisco's children lived with his sister in Sinaloa. Rumors also said that President Johnson sent General Grant and his troops to support the Mexicans, which meant that the opportunity for Olivia to visit Mexico had come.

The newly married couple accompanied Senor Francisco and his wife to Sinaloa to, at last, go see their children. Nicholas had no idea they had children. He knew Francisco had escaped Emperor Maximilian's ruling along with his wife, but they never mentioned children. Which made him wonder how much Nicholas was taking him for granted.

Olivia was excited more than words could express. Mexico, at last! She had heard of Sinaloa and its hot weather, she couldn't wait.

They traveled huddled up in the carriage, the men guided the horses, the women were inside conversing as fluently as they're language barriers would allow. Mrs. Torres (Olivia later learned that Senor Francisco, was Francisco Torres), was a short stature woman with her long dark hair tightly tied into a bun on the back of her head. Olivia didn't understand her Spanish, she spoke rapidly and used large words Olivia hadn't yet learned, but she could tell by her tone of voice just how happy she was to see her children.

They arrived to Sinaloa peacefully, which surprised them. They crossed the border, no questions were asked. The tranquil desert city welcomed them with silence. Almost as if the battle had left them exhausted and they needed time to rest, time to recover their strength.

Olivia didn't mind, arriving to a country surviving a war, was very familiar to her and oddly enough, it brought her comfort.

As Francisco and his wife went off to find their children, Olivia and Nicholas stayed in a beautiful hotel that welcomed the Americans with open arms. It was impressive, it's bright colors down its walls and in its furniture, were simply not seen anywhere in the America. It was a small part of Mexico but Olivia could not be happier.

Nicholas helped Olivia with her winter jacket as the warm night came upon them. Nicholas held her close, his excuse of taking her jacket was a success as he ran his hands down her waist gently. Olivia held her breath, like she did every time he touched her. They had been married for a month and though his kisses were heavenly, Olivia could not allow herself to surrender, not yet. Every time he touched her, every time he held her, her mind went to her abusive dead husband. Bradford was ever so present in her mind, every time she closed her eyes, every night. She wouldn't have been able to sleep if it wasn't for her patient and loving husband. He whispered in her ear how everything was alright, and embraced her encouragingly, until she slept.

Nicholas held her hand and brought it up to his lips. Olivia smiled. He was so patient with her, he had promised her time and he kept true to his word. She loved him, and she loved him more with each passing day, and she hated herself for recoiling with fear every time Nicholas made a move. He wasn't Bradford, he would never be Bradford.

She brought her hand up to h


She became louder as she felt waves of ecstasy. "Nicholas, " she moaned loudly.

As they locked eyes, it became harder for the memory of Bradford to creep in to ruin everything. Nicholas Clark was making love to her. She brought her hand to his face, tracing his scar. He leaned in to kiss her as his thrusts slowed down, he let out a groan into her lips and he came.

Olivia shut her eyes tightly as he felt him thrust inside her strongly. She threw her head back, she felt so disoriented, she had forgotten where they were, or what day it was. Nicholas tightened his arms around her as his rugged breathing slowed down. He turned to look at her. "Are you alright?"

Olivia let out a smile. She ran her fingers through his hair as she replied. "I am. I'm fantastic."

Nicholas kissed her. "You are so beautiful."

Olivia smiled. "So are you."

He chuckled lowly. He pushed himself to lay beside her. She positioned herself on her side and laid her head on his strong chest. "You laugh but it's true. You are a beautiful man."

He chuckled again, which made her laugh. "You are serious?"

"I am!" she replied defensibly. "There is more to beauty than appearance."

"You don't have to tell me that, I know beauty when I see it."

Olivia blushed as his fingers grazed her back. She traced his scar with her fingertips as he closed his eyes exhausted. She ran her fingers down his slashed lip, up to his cheek. She let it rest there as she pondered everything that had transpired before that exact moment.

Nicholas no longer felt as the grotesque Union soldier in constant need to hide behind his hand. He barely thought about it now. He closed his eyes as her cold hand rested on the side of his face. With every stroke, he felt safer, with every touch, he felt normal.

Scars never really fade, he realized. His physical scar will always be there reminding him of the war. His night terrors have become less and less when he slept with Olivia by his side. Olivia needed time to surpass everything that had happened to her since she was fifteen years old. But if one thing was certain, they only needed each other, and everything would come into place.

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