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   Chapter 32 The Proposal

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 4616

Updated: 2018-01-15 20:30

Olivia opened her eyes and sighed contentedly. She did not know the time nor did it matter. She extended her arm but it touched nothing but the cold covers beside her.

"Nicholas?" she sat up feeling a sudden dread. "Nicholas?" she started to panic and stood rapidly. She scared him off, didn't she? He stepped back at her sudden advances. She rushed to her room and grabbed the bowl of water beside her bed and splashed her face. What was she thinking when she knocked on his door?

A letter on her bed caught her attention. She grabbed it and sat on the bed. She held her breath for it was her sister's handwriting.

My dearest sister, Nicholas told me where you were staying and was nice enough to give me the address. I know I'm the last person you wanted to hear from, and I understand. I abandoned you from the start and I will never forgive myself. I have been selfish and stubborn. I avoided looking after father because it upset me, and I am sorry I left you to fend for him.

I begged father to introduce me to Nick, I wanted a way out and I believed he was the answer. I wanted to marry him and for him to take me with him to California. I remember when father used to read to us when we were younger, the damsel in distress and the knight in shining armor always came to her rescue, to free her from the tower, or to slay the dragon. I always felt I was that damsel

now. The note through the door, the flowers.

The girls left her rapidly and she sat the box on her bed. A beautiful white gown gleamed from the box. She handled it with so much care as if it could be damaged by simply touching it. She couldn't accept it, could she? It must've cost so much.

Another knock on the door distracted her. She opened it slowly not knowing what to expect.

"Good morning! You're not dressed yet?" Mrs. Gregson made her way inside and took the dress out. "I thought I could do your hair."

"Um, I think there has been a misunderstanding. I can't accept this dress, it's beautiful but..."

"It's yours, " Mrs. Gregson replied. "Nicholas told us he wanted to marry you, he seemed so eager, he even spoke with the judge and he agreed to marry you downstairs."

"But the dress—"

"It's my wedding present to you."

Olivia didn't know how to reply. Nicholas had done that for her?

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