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   Chapter 31 Together At Last

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Updated: 2018-01-15 20:29

A/N: The YT video above is one of my favorite songs. It's in Spanish and it's beautiful! Here's a rough translation of the chorus :

"I like your face, I like you hair, I dream with your voice as you say I love you. I like to embrace you, getting lost in your scent, I can find the sky in your eyes. I like your laugh, I like your mouth, I like to believe that you're crazy about me. I want you to feel the calm with me, and when the night comes, I'll look after your soul."

SWOON! My little romantic heart explodes every time i listen to this song, Enjoy!

Olivia sat on the bed perplexed by Nicholas's sudden retreat. Had she said something wrong? Was he angry with her? She stood slowly and took a deep breath. She wanted to see him again, and preferably for a bit longer. A sudden feeling of fright made her sink down on the bed again. Did he no longer want her? Had he finally realized that she wasn't worth all that struggle after all? She brought a hand to her head and exhaled sharply. She needed to speak to him. She needed to know what was going to happen now. If he no longer felt anything for her, why would she stay? She had to leave, perhaps return to the farm. Or perhaps not. She didn't want to see her sister again, not yet.

She stood decidedly and walked towards the small mirror mounted on the wall. She wasn't about to give up. She wasn't about to let a wonderful man slip through her fingers. She had done it once and she never forgave herself. She pulled the ribbon out of her hair and freed it from its braid. She ran her fingers through her long hair and smiled at herself. She nodded firmly and told herself to grasp the opportunity she was given now before it was too late.

She knocked on Nicholas door twice, her heart beating fast, she could hardly hear the clock ticking away down the hall.

Nicholas opened the door and widened his eyes in surprise. He hadn't changed out of his traveling clothes. His shirt was untucked and the first buttons were undone giving her a tease of his chest, Olivia tried not to stare.

"I can't sleep, " she explained.

Nicholas nodded and stepped to the side allowing her to enter. His room was very tidy. The simplicity of it also held a strong manly quality, she couldn't point out what it was. He invited her to sit on his bed, she sat quietly, it felt odd, such an intimate place for her to be in, almost as if she was intruding his privacy.

"What's on your mind?" he asked as he sat beside her, their legs t

face. "Take all the time that you need."

"Will you still want me?" she asked fearfully.

"Of course. I'll always want you."

Olivia smiled and leaned her forehead on his. "I love you, " she whispered. Realizing that she was still on his lap, in his room, she said, "I should go back to my room."

Nicholas nodded. But he tightened his grip around her. "You can sleep here, " he suggested surprising himself. She straightened at his request. "You could sleep here and I'll sleep on the floor, " he explained rapidly.

Olivia thought about it. Was it too forward if she did stay in his room? What if Mrs. Gregson found out? Or his sisters?

"Please, " he whispered. "I don't want to spend my first night home alone."

"You don't have to sleep on the floor, " she replied.

He smiled back. He lifted her and laid her on his bed. Olivia laughed at how effortlessly he seemed to carry her, as if she weighted nothing. He laid on his side and watched her. He ran his hands down her arm slowly. "I want to marry you, " he said after a moment of silence.

Olivia studied him, the soft glow of the candle made him barely visible. He still looked so handsome, his hair poked his eyes and she realized it had been a month since she last saw him. She missed him more than she led on.

"Will you?" he asked nervously. "Will you marry me?"

"I would marry you right here, right now if I could."

Nicholas smiled and kissed her softly. Olivia turned on her side. Nicholas wrapped his arms behind her and breathed her in. All her shame and fears melted away as she felt him against her. She drifted to a peaceful slumber for the first time in months.

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