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   Chapter 29 The Everlasting Wait

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Updated: 2018-01-15 20:28

A/N: The song on the YT video above is from the soundtrack of Poldark. I know it has nothing to do with the American Civil War, or America for that matter, but it truly helped me with writing this chapter. Give it a listen!

Olivia looked around her desperately. Every sound, every voice crowded her mind. Where could he be? She understood that Lowell was quite a distance from the farm, but she saw no alternate route that would take her away from Boston as fast possible. She tightened her jacket around her as the cold air made her shiver. The canal was freezing, but the people boarding the packet boat didn't seem to notice. She bought a ticket, any ticket that would take her away. She did not know the destination nor where she would go next, but she no longer cared. There was a possibility that Nicholas wouldn't show up, she realized woefully. He asked her to ran away with him and she rejected him, though he gave her his card in case she had changed her mind, she doubted he even waited. And why would he? She had her chance and she wasted it.

But, if he did show up, as she so hopefully desired, she would go with him wherever he went. What would happened afterwards, she did not care nor did it worry her. If she was with him, whatever came next, she would gratefully accept it. But her spirits were low.

The journey from Boston took thirty or so minutes. She had been waiting twenty more. The announcement that the boat she was going to board was ready to leave made her legs tremble with panic. She took quick rapid breaths as she turned and turned aching to see his face. The crowd around her bumped and pushed her but she focused on finding him. A whistle announced the last five minutes for the passengers to board. Olivia dropped her gaze.

This was perhaps the last chance she had to start a life with the man she grew to love, and she had ruined it. Perhaps he changed his mind. Perhaps he saw and recognized how blemished she truly was and he reconsidered. She didn't blame him. She would leave her own body, if she could.

She went up towards the ship that she still had to know its destination, where would she go? To the south? She had heard of the northerners relocating to the south in hope to get work, the work that no one was doing since the slaves were freed. Perhaps she could join them. Perhaps she could be a maid or tend a farm, she missed the company animals offered, she would gladly return to it no matter how little the pay was.

A man waited for her ticket, she handed it to him, she took a last look down to the streets of Lowell and nodded to herself. It was not meant to be.


Olivia looked behind her rapidly, was someone calling her name or was it her wishful thinking?


Her eyes scanned the crowd desperately. Where was the owner of that voice?


She ran down rapidly as she spotted the tall man, she recognized the scar and she smiled. Ignoring the man who shouted a Ma'am after her, she ran to the arms of her love.

He held her strongly as the fear of being so close to losing her sat him free. She took a deep breath taking his scent in. "You're here!" she said breathlessly. "You're here!"

Nicholas smiled as their foreheads touched, he caressed her face with his fingertips. "I came as fast as I could, " he whispered.


ful house, it was rustic but very comforting.

"Come, " Mrs. Gregson said as she led her upstairs. "I'll show you to your room."

Olivia obeyed as she followed her closely. Jane and Josie followed her each commenting on the art and ornamentation along the walls. Olivia smiled as they spoke cheerily, including Josie, at an attempt to ignore her nervousness.

Mrs. Gregson opened the door and let her in. She whispered some words to her daughters and they left. Olivia didn't dare to move.

"Please, " Mrs. Gregson offered as she signaled towards the bed. Olivia sat quietly, Mrs. Gregson beside her. She took a deep breath before starting. "Nicholas wrote to me about your situation."

Olivia dropped her gaze, all her shame returned as a knot in her throat. "I'm sorry, " Olivia managed to whisper as she fought back tears.

"No, you don't need to apologize for anything, " she replied taking her hand in hers. "I want you to know that I feel for you, Olivia. Such a young girl shouldn't be going through such circumstances. It is very unfair. You are welcomed to call this your home."

Olivia wondered how much did Nicholas tell her. "Did Nicholas mention when he'll arrive?" she asked.

"In a couple of days, he said. He had some complications."

"What complication?"

"He did not say."

Olivia nodded and looked down at her hands.

"You miss him, " Mrs. Gregson commented.

Olivia nodded weakly. "You have a beautiful son, " she said after a pause.

Mrs. Gregson smiled. "I am glad you noticed."

Olivia took a deep breath and started, "I know how much you liked Mary-"

"Olivia, " Mrs. Gregson interrupted with a smile. "I'm not living in the past. I'm living right here, right now. And if Nicholas chose you, then I choose you as well."

"I'm glad you think that way, " Olivia laughed as her nervousness melted away.

"You must be exhausted. I will leave you to rest, " Mrs. Gregson said as she stood. "And don't worry, Nicholas will come soon."

Olivia nodded. Not soon enough, she thought. Not soon enough.

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