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   Chapter 28 Time

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Nicholas and Senor Francisco left the rich family's farm satisfied with the deal. Seeing how farming was going to be a massive part of the American life now that slavery was abolished, the rich man decided to invest in as much in farming equipment as he could, and sell it to the farmers down south.

It was fifteen before five and they decided to go celebrate at the nearest bar, where they made time as the carriage was being altered for the long trek back to Sacramento. Nicholas was not looking forward to it. Regardless of the success from their trip, it didn't feel right to leave Olivia behind, he hated the idea that she would stay with that man to suffer through his beatings every night. Nicholas wished she had changed her mind.

Five minutes before five and they decided to walk to the hotel to retrieve their horses. They didn't need to go inside, their stuff already packed and sent to the shop where the carriage was being mended. They paid, they tipped the boy who looked after the horses and they made their way two blocks away, to the shop.

It's five O'clock and they secured their horses to the carriage, they fastened the ropes and they checked their luggage to make sure they were intact. They boarded the carriage, they paid the owner of the shop and with a click of the tongue from Francisco, they traveled down the streets of Boston, back to Sacramento.

Maggie rushed inside the hotel lobby and gave the letter to the concierge. The concierge shook his head apologetically. "They checked out fifteen minutes ago."

Maggie's heart dropped. "Do you know if they were going to the canal, sir?"

"No, they had their own transportation. A carriage and two horses."

Maggie was at a loss. What could she do

Where could Olivia have gone?

Nicholas made his way to the kitchen and hoped Maggie would meet him. Olivia got the courage to run away, it brought a smile to his face. But he wondered, why she hadn't gone to find him. Were his affections for her not reciprocated?

Maggie rushed into the kitchen and handed him a letter. She stepped away as she had to prepare a meal for Bradford, who was under the impression that Olivia had gone to the store.

Nicholas ripped the letter open and held his breath.

Please meet me at the Pawtucket Canal in Lowell. There's nothing for me here, and I wish to be with you.

Love, Olivia

He felt exhilarated, he gave Maggie a strong embrace taking her off guard. She was her protector and he would forever be thankful to her. "I won't forget about you, Maggie, " he said gratefully. "I'll come for you, " he promised for he knew her loyalty towards Olivia was unlike any other.

He rushed out to get his horse, andleft as fast as possible before Bradford could get the truth out of Maggie.

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