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   Chapter 27 Epiphany

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Olivia took a drink from her glass of water as she looked out the window. It was thirty after four, in a very short time, she would start hating herself for letting a good man go. She tried not thinking about it. She distracted herself by cleaning out her father's room, taking out the hideous dark curtains that made the room so awfully dark, and replaced them with clean white curtains that made the atmosphere a bit less gloomy. She gave her father a bath, who was so heavily medicated with the morphine, he could hardly focus at the task at hand. She changed him into his most comfortable clothes and attempted to feed him some soup, but he kept drifting off to sleep. She decided to let him rest and went to get herself a glass of water. Though she wouldn't admit this to herself, she missed looking after her father. Taking care of him made her feel useful, as if she was working with a purpose. She felt like she owed him everything, and that was a perfect way to repay him. After all, he had been a great father.

She gulped down the rest of her water and decided to return to her father, just in case he woke up. Maggie found her and without saying a word she handed her a letter. The seal was broken, which meant it came from Bradford. Maggie made sure to read the letters if they were from him. Olivia didn't mind, she felt as if Maggie was looking after her, and she was extremely grateful. Olivia grabbed the piece of paper and opened it before she got too scared that made her hands tremble.

My Love, By the time you receive this letter I would already be on my way to meet you in Boston. I miss you too much to allow you to be for yourself for two or three more days.


Olivia looked at Maggie alarmed. "I don't understand, he said he would give me time to be with my father. He promised he would give me space just for these couple of days."

Maggie gave her a look that made Olivia come to her senses. Why was she even believing his promises? Why would she believe anything Bradford said?

"You should have gone with him, Miss, " Maggie spoke softly.

Olivia nodded and turned the clock. "I wish I had."

A loud scream caught their attention. Olivia could tell it was her sister's and it came from her father's bedroom. She found her kneeling beside her father, she was visibly upset, and Olivia started to panic. "What's the matter?" she asked fearfully.

"Maggie, go get a doctor, " Mary replied. She turned to her with such disdain. "Where were you?"

"I just went to the kitchen for a bit."

"You were supposed to look after father."

Olivia stepped closer and saw it. Her father had died. He laid peacefully, his hands behind his head as

the Boston Hotel, tell them it's an emergency, " Olivia said as she handed it to her rapidly.

Maggie let out a smile. "You mean you'll..."

Olivia nodded and gave Maggie a strong embrace. "Stay here with Mary, she will need you." Maggie nodded dutifully. Olivia's eyes started to water. It was harder than she thought. She gave her another embrace. "I will come back for you, Maggie, " she whispered in her ear. "I promise." They pulled away and with a firm nod, Maggie exited through the back door.

There was one thing Olivia needed to do. She walked back to her father's bedroom. The doctor stood before Mary, his hands on her sobbing shoulders, whispering comforting thoughts in her ear as Mary wept. He looked up and found her standing in the doorway. He whispered one last thing and approached Olivia, he held her hand gently and shook his head. Olivia couldn't move.

Mary turned to her and she turned back to her father, who was now lying stiff, his hands across his chest. "I see you are going to abandon me to deal with everything, once again."

Olivia cringed at her words. They were stabbing her heart and Olivia didn't know how to protect herself. "I have no other choice, " Olivia replied.

"You always have a choice, " she replied echoing Nicholas' words.

Olivia straightened. "I do hope one day you will open your eyes and all this bitterness will simply melt away."

"I'm not bitter."

Olivia nodded. "I'll write."

Mary didn't reply. She didn't even look up to say farewell.

Olivia saw where she stood in her sister's eyes. She left her mourning her father and walked out the door with only the clothes she had on and her bag with important papers and all her money.

Her father was now in a better place, there was nothing holding her back now.

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