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   Chapter 26 His Rescue Mission

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 5003

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At the break of dawn, Nicholas left his hotel room and arrived at the Clark's residence in haste. He let himself in through the servant's hall and waited in the kitchen, he made sure to stay away from the cook's way as she prepared breakfast flustered by the rest of the staff, who didn't seem to meet her expectations. Nicholas wondered where Mary got the money to employ more servants but that wasn't of importance.

Maggie appeared with a bowl of water and Nicholas intercepted her before she could leave. "Maggie, may I speak to you?"

Maggie seemed confused but agreed. He took her to an empty room and locked the door. "How can I be of service, Mr. Gregson?"

"I understand you have been by Olivia's side since her wedding."

"Yes, that is correct, " she replied shyly.

Nicholas placed his hands on her shoulders, he was prepared to beg. "I need to know if Bradford hurts her." Maggie shook her head rapidly. "Please, I need to know."

"I don't think Miss Olivia would like that."

"I know you care about her, I do too. And I want the best for her, please you must tell me, " he said desperately.

Maggie looked at the door as if expecting Olivia to walk in in any second. She sighed. "I hear cries, " she started. Nicholas held his breath. "Every night, Mr. O'Brian comes back from work, sometimes very tipsy. Sometimes sober, either way he..."

"He what?" he urged.

"He forces her. Every night."

"What about the bruises?"

She took a deep breath and replied, "He get

oston Hotel in her hand, he closed it gently, without letting go, he said, "Please change your mind."

He turned and left Olivia's room heart broken. He wished he could do more to bring her to her senses. To make her realize that she deserved better. The way to the hotel felt short and when he entered his room, he found Francisco standing in front of the window. He turned to him quizzically. Nicholas shook his head. "She wouldn't leave her father."

Francisco nodded and sat on the bed defeated, Nicholas joined him. They had a meeting with potential clients at four. Nicholas was hopeful that Olivia would leave with them to Sacramento, perhaps start a new life, but her love for her family was greater.

Nicholas failed once again to save her. He started to think everything was lost, and he was going to give up. But an unfortunate event could have brought his hope back, if only he had been at the hotel.

A/N: Please don't hate me because it's so short! I'll do better, I promise!

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