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   Chapter 24 Married Life

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 5611

Updated: 2018-01-15 20:25

Olivia sat in front of the dresser as Maggie ran a brush down her long dark hair. Her scalp was sore from being in an elaborate hairstyle all day, simply because Bradford disliked it when she had her hair down at all, braids included. Olivia tried her best to not make him angry, she had now learned that he was worst when overcome with anger.

"How did it go today?" asked Olivia softly as if not wanting anyone to overhear.

"Better, I believe they are getting used to me, " Maggie replied.

"I am sorry you have to go through this. I should have insisted my father that you stay in the farm."

Maggie gave her a weak smile. "I would've refused to leave your side, Miss."

Olivia chose her father over anything else. She thought about it long and hard. The house in Maine was in the middle of nowhere, she was surrounded by servants ready to satisfy her every whim, but she was so alone. Though she attempted to befriend the staff, they had strict instructions from Mr. O'Brian to not interact with her only to serve her. This gave Olivia time to think. Was that how it was going to be from now on? Was she going to be alone for the rest of her life? The answer then seemed obvious.

The wedding was small. The priest, her father, Bradford and she, were the only one's present. They hid the shame of a shotgun wedding very well. Olivia hadn't spoken to her father until that day, and even then, he did not tell her much. He was still angry and her marrying the man who took her virginity, didn't seem to make a difference.

Now Olivia was doomed to live with the man she hated the most, and the relationship with her father would not get better. She was worse than wh

ng to see her father. "Please, " she said her trembling voice betrayed her.

Bradford watched her, but he wasn't angry, it didn't seem as if he even heard her. "You look so much like her, " he whispered, his yearning eyes terrified her.

She couldn't take this again. She didn't want to hear his unnatural love for his own sister, she wanted him to stop. Against her better judgement, she stepped aside getting away from his traveling hands. "I must get my sleep."

"I am not going to disturb it, " he replied firmly. He stepped forward and before she could get away, he held her arm and tugged her against him. Next thing she knew, she was on the bed, his body covered hers. "It's okay, " he replied quietly as one hand covered her mouth, as if by reflex, Olivia had no intention to scream for help, that would be moot. He did it to cover her cries. Though she tried with all her might to be courageous, having him on top of her, touching her against her will, was too much for her to handle. "I'm going to be fast, " he whispered as he forced her legs apart. Olivia could do nothing but wait for him to finish.

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