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   Chapter 23 Regrets and Memories

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 7761

Updated: 2018-01-15 20:24

Nicholas arrived at the Clark residence two weeks later. Though Boston offered a beautiful scenery that didn't exist in Sacramento, he did not notice any of it. He failed to notice the cool fresh air, nor the bright orange and yellow colors the trees showcased during autumn. His mind was on one woman and one woman only. He prayed to the God he was starting to reconcile with, who now took the only woman he loved away from him, to bring her back. To give him a chance to woo her, to love her like she deserved, to treat her like his queen, because after all she was a queen being drowned in the hopelessness of reality, being put away like a rag doll no one appreciated for lack of sight. He needed to find her, he needed to take her away from everything. He failed to save her once, he was not going to repeat the mistake.

Nicholas knocked on the door and waited, his rugged breathing and the pain in his stomach made everything unbearable. He was so nervous. After all Olivia believed it was he who told her father, to her, Nicholas was the one to blame for her exile. The door opened and he felt exhilarated as Olivia swung the door open, he smiled, she looked well, a bit tired but still beautiful.

But then she spoke. "Nick? I was not expecting you so soon."

Nicholas dropped his gaze. He tried to hide his disappointment as he replied, "You said your father was ill."

Mary nodded as she opened the door for him. "He is a frail old man."

Nicholas shook his head faintly. The old frail man was forty-two years old. "Do you think I could see him?"

Mary nodded. "Of course, he's the whole reason why you're here, isn't it?"

Nicholas flinched at her cold demeanor, but he let it go. He was his ticket out of the responsibility of looking after her invalid father, and now she was forced into it because of him.

Mary didn't move, she didn't lead the way, she stood still by the door. Nicholas was right, she was tired, but not only physically, emotionally as well. She couldn't handle her father, not like Olivia could, and was breaking her little by little.

"Mary, " he spoke slowly realizing that he hadn't thought of Mary on his trek to the Clarks. "I am sorry—"

"Please don't, " she interrupted. "Let me take you to father."

Nicholas nodded and followed her quietly.

"He speaks very lit

diot. And she married him."

Nicholas nodded, but he was livid. He raped his daughter and he raped his wife but the fact that he was a confederate bothered him the most. But he had to remind himself that this man was suffering enough. Nicholas gave his hand a squeeze. "You are not a terrible father, " he said though he didn't completely believe it. "And Helen knows this."

General Clark smiled. It was enough to calm him. "You're a good man. I'm sorry it didn't work out with Mary."

"I am sorry as well."

"I want to show you something, " said General Clark in a good mood. He reached his night stand and grabbed a photograph from the drawer.

"You held on to this?" Nicholas said in amazement.

The group of men in uniform looked back at him, their grim faces indicated their frustration at having to stand there for what seemed hours just to take the photograph. The California 100 were a fine group of men. So young and ignorant to the ways of the war. That day was full of laughs, the excitement of an adventure was palpable in the air. Nicholas wished they could have stayed there. He believed half of those young men died in battle, some went missing and the rest he never heard of again.

"Remember that day? All of you made me feel so young, " General Clark reminisced with a twinkle in his eye.

Nicholas smiled. And for a moment, he forgot about Olivia and her marriage. About the scar on his face, about General Clark's amputation, he was back there, with his troop, having a merry time before the horrors of the war.

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