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   Chapter 20 Decisions

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 9433

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Nicholas woke up to an empty room. He looked around him confused as to why he was under a stranger's covers. The empty bed brought him back to the night before, he moved rapidly, but was forced to slow down, the position he slept in on the chair left his body aching. He walked out of the room and down the hall, the rooms were already vacated, including General Clark's. He searched for Olivia, but she wasn't anywhere in the house. She must've been doing her chores out in the farm. He started towards the back door when Mary appeared from the kitchen and held on to his arm.

"There you are! Did you sleep well?" she asked in a cheerful mood. Nicholas wished he could match hers but finding Olivia was his priority at the moment.

"I'm searching for your sister, " he replied.

"Olivia went out earlier this morning. She didn't mention where." She pulled him towards the drawing room and started regaining her cheeriness. "Now, our wedding is fast approaching and seeing how you never gave me a list of your guests, I went ahead and asked your mother."

Nicholas nodded half listening.

"She helped me sent out the invitations, I do hope it gets to them in time. There is nothing worse than an empty church on your own wedding day."

He found his mother and sisters in the drawing room, each of them working on some craft Mary had assigned them. His sisters were comfortably working on the carpeted floor and his mother sat on the desk. She welcomed him with a smile as he walked in.

"Look!" Jane said excitedly. "I made this centerpiece!" She held up a ceramic ballerina and Nicholas grabbed it carefully.

"You made this?" he commented. The small blonde ballerina stood on a small base adorned with pink and white ribbons. dried flowers adorned the globe that offered her protection. It appeared like a snow globe, but without the snow. Nicholas wondered how such a thing was done by a twelve-year-old. "This is impressive, " he said genuinely enthralled. Jane smiled proudly.

"Are you nervous about the wedding?" came Josie's voice.

Nicholas turned and took a deep breath. He knelt beside her and admired her work. He reminded himself that Mary was in the room so he replied carefully. "I wouldn't call them nerves. I think it is excitement more than anything."

Mary smiled lovingly at his words. Nicholas new he had replied correctly. His stomach started turning as he so blatantly lied to his own sister. He did not feel nerves nor excitement, he felt dread, and he knew exactly why.

The never-ending question if he wanted to marry Mary Clark was answered the night before. He didn't. All his affections were directed towards Olivia, now the question was, could he cancel the wedding and pursue Olivia? He wished it could be that easy, but he knew it wasn't going to work. Should he then conti

o her in disbelief. "Tear us apart?"

"Yes. I saw how she kept looking at you. How she spoke to you. We will be able to marry without her to intervene now."

"She is being accused of seducing your uncle, does that not bother you?"

"Of course it does. But let's be honest, if she didn't encourage him, then it wouldn't have happened. He wouldn't have gone to her room in the first place."

"You know about that?"

She nodded. "I heard him when he went into her room."

"And you didn't do anything about it?"

She looked at him in disdain. "What could I do? It wasn't my place to do or say anything."

"She is your twin sister."

"Yes, and how do you figure he went into her room and not mine? She obviously did something to tempt him."

"She was fifteen!"

"You really seem to be taking her side, Nick, " she replied angrily.

"Of course I am! She was raped by your uncle and yet she's the one being blamed. You are her family, why aren't you taking her side?"

Mary dropped her gaze, Nicholas started to realize the way he was speaking to her. He attempted to apologize but she interrupted him. "It sounds as if you have feelings for her."

Nicholas raised his arms in frustration. How could she be jealous in a situation like this? "I am not going to marry you."

"What?" she asked looking up abruptly.

"I cannot marry someone that is unable to stand behind her own family. I am very sorry. We will leave first thing in the morning."

He turned towards the drawing room leaving a stunned Mary behind. He found his mother and sisters sitting up alertly as they still had to be informed of the situation. He closed the door behind him and took a deep breath. How was he going to tell his family about Olivia? How was he going to break the news that the wedding was off because of his feelings towards Olivia? And was it too late to chase after her?

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